The power of self esteem and self love

The Power of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a natural nature of all human beings. But there are times when many of us forget our greatness, goodness, plus points, blessings we receive and many other favourable elements in our personality. One who is not aware of all these favourable support bases feels helpless, hopeless and disheartened. We have immense potential within us to march forward with confidence, courage, enthusiasm, and zeal at every step of our life. When we put into practice all these qualities, we will experience that we are not ordinary but special personalities. However, we should not put ourselves down under any circumstance. We must respect ourselves, appreciate our greatness, evaluate our potential, and persuade ourselves enough to be able to push through difficult situations with confidence and courage. Our thoughts are like bulldozers which have the sharpness and power to wade through any type of hurdles that come our way to a higher goal. Similarly, our failures should not dissuade us in any way because failures are the stepping stones to success. We must learn from our mistakes and race with ourselves with renewed vigour and confidence.

Retain your self-esteem

To retain our self-esteem, we must practise introversion and solitude. We have to find out our inner qualities and virtues. When we become aware of all these virtues and churn on our virtues these virtues will grow and the consequence will be that our inner strength of self-confidence, optimism, courage and so on will improve immensely. On the other hand, we should also examine our weaknesses and work on eliminating them. We should spend more time thinking about ourselves, look at ourselves as to what we have been doing and scrupulously eliminate those elements that are overtaking our thoughts of good wishes and pure feelings for the self and others. We are sure to have some elements of badness within us that are visible only when we examine ourselves. Determined efforts should be made to eliminate such badness which is destroying our good conduct and character traits. There should be a time-bound program to reform ourselves.

The most powerful Asset: Time

Time is a very precious wealth available to us. As the saying goes: Time and tide wait for none. Similarly, thoughts, time and breath are travelling together. Hence, we should not waste this precious wealth in useless vocations. Our time wasters are mobile phones, WhatsApp, YouTube, TV, newspapers, visitors and so on. It does not mean that we should not use all these facilities. These facilities are useful. But we should creatively and constructively use all these facilities and make sure that these facilities are not wasting our time which could be used more productively in other areas of life. Time is life. Hence every second is life because time travels with our breath. When time is wasted, breath is wasted and thoughts are also wasted.

Self Sovereignty is Our Birthright

When we are aware of our self-esteem, we will be able to emerge our stage of self-sovereignty. When we sit in the seat of self-sovereignty, our mind, intellect and sense organs will not overtake us. They will obey our orders. When we position ourselves in our seat of self-esteem, we will experience a natural stability in our lives. Even during problems and disturbances we will stay calm and handle the situations with peace and ease. This is one of the greatest achievements of the power of self-esteem.

Stay Safe from the Assault of Illusions, Hallucinations and Imaginations

When we become aware of our self-esteem, our self-consciousness (attention to the self) will be active. We are scrupulously watching over ourselves so that our thoughts, words and actions are filled with happiness and peace so that nobody suffers from our activities. If we are on the spiritual path, we must create thoughts that radiate vibrations of peace and well-being; when we do this, there is no scope for illusions or negativity to interfere.

Self-esteem helps us look on the brighter side

When we always keep our goodness emerged it becomes natural for us to look at the goodness of everyone around us. In our effort to focus on others’ goodness, we come across many good qualities in others which then help us remove our badness and naturally imbibe the goodness we see. The Lord has been teaching us this aspect of looking at the goodness of others for a long time. We are proficient in theory but in practical implementation, we have been miserably lagging. His efforts to make us great and forever happy should not only be appreciated but practically become the embodiment of goodness and virtues.

Purposefully Invest the Abundant Wealth Amassed from the Lord

We have been bestowed with the wealth of knowledge, virtues, powers, elevated thoughts, supersensuous joy, pleasant relationships of virtuous souls and a host of other very significant aspects of wealth by the Lord. When we become aware of our self-esteem, we will be able to purposefully and properly invest this wealth of all kinds. The more we accumulate this wealth in our own lives, the more we will be able to share it with others which can help them progress in their spiritual journey. This is the real wealth which when distributed will increase at every point of distribution. It multiplies in manifold dimensions. The power of self-esteem helps us to be in soul consciousness always whereby we do not develop ego or arrogance at any point in time. Body consciousness will thus become a matter of the past.

Always have an Attitude of Instrumentality, Egoless and Constructive

The power of self-esteem helps us develop an attitude of instrumentality, and be egoless and constructive as we acquire status and power. Our respect for others and our attitude of constructiveness will enhance so much as we are fulfilled with knowledge, virtues and powers. We won’t choose to criticise others, nor do we point out others’ badness or comment upon others’ way of thinking and doing etc. It is seen that the thoughts of those who are in self-respect get materialised with time. Similarly, those who have self-esteem will succeed in their efforts and will experience instant happiness.

All the aspirations of those with self-esteem are fulfilled

One who has self-esteem need not ask for anything. He need not ask for name and fame, respect and regard. He will get all the name and fame, respect and regard without asking for it due to the personality of purity and truth. He goes out to help others fulfil their desires and aspirations which are within the framework of honesty, morality, and goodness. Such a person will not develop ego and arrogance, so also does not commit any sins and does not give sorrow to others.

He will enjoy the company and companionship of the Lord

Because he is always in a soul-conscious state of mind, he will have a special taste for meditation. He radiates the power of God which is filled with peace, bliss, happiness and love. This will be spread all over the world and the painful and sorrowful atmosphere will be pacified.

Therefore, let us all become aware of our self-esteem respect stage and practise this thoroughly due to which we can become naturally soul-conscious. The soul consciousness stage makes us free from diseases and keeps us healthy and happy, once the disease of the soul is cured, the body will automatically become healthy. Hence, the self-esteem stage is a blessing for us. Let us all practise it.

Summary :

What is the significance of self-esteem in one's life?

Self-esteem plays a crucial role in enhancing confidence and courage, allowing individuals to navigate difficult situations with resilience and optimism.

To boost self-esteem, it’s essential to introspect, recognise and cultivate inner virtues while working on eliminating weaknesses. This process leads to increased self-confidence, courage, and optimism.

Time is seen as a precious resource that should not be wasted. The article emphasises the importance of using time productively and avoiding distractions.

 Self-esteem enables individuals to achieve self-sovereignty, where their thoughts and actions align with their higher selves. This state promotes calm and ease, even during challenging situations.

By focusing only on the goodness in others and purposefully investing the wealth of virtues, knowledge, and powers, individuals with self-esteem can lead egoless and constructive lives. This attitude enhances respect for others, success in efforts, and fulfilment of aspirations.

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