How To Clear Deep Rooted Negative Emotions

Many of my patients come to me with very serious issues and it takes longer than usual to treat them. They might have gone through a traumatic experience as a child or were humiliated in public or faced the sudden death of a loved one. They find it difficult to come out of such situations. They might not recollect these situations in detail but the deep-rooted scars remain with them. Also, many patients try hard to overcome any habit such as smoking but are not able to do so. Let’s understand the reasons behind these in greater detail and also how to overcome them.

Various levels of consciousness
There are various levels of consciousness. Let’s get a quick overview of these as there is enough about these on the internet. The first is the conscious level of consciousness. If I ask you to write 30 pages of your life story you will recollect many stories that were stored at the conscious level. However, after some time you might run short of stories. Then, soon you might recollect a few stories. Then you might run short of stories. But while bathing or driving across nature you might recollect a few more stories. These were stored at the preconscious or subconscious level.

The unconscious level is deeper than this which you don’t remember at all. These are events of the past births. This creates a very big impact. We all have experienced that we do many things in our lives without our will. We may not have the desire to do what we are doing but we still land up doing it. For example smoking. If you try to control it you may succeed for a week but then you start again. You don’t want to lose your temper. But something happens and you lost your calm. You may want to wake up early. You set the alarm as well. But when you finally wake up it is too late. This is because your deeper level of consciousness is not allowing you to do certain things. Or a deeper level of consciousness is pushing you to do certain things even if you don’t want to do it. There is a very easy way to come out of it. The unconscious mind has many blocks and you need to erase these blocks.

Clearing the blockages in the unconscious mind
Start practicing detachment from body sensations
Start with something very simple. Take up any sensation in your body. Some itchy body parts or some pain somewhere. Now, watch that sensation as a detached observer. Don’t analyze it. Watch it peacefully. Tell yourself ‘I am just watching this sensation’. It may increase, or reduce or disappear. It is okay. Even if nothing happens it’s okay. Don’t try to change it. Don’t be in a hurry. Just watch it. However long it remains, it doesn’t matter. At the end, the sensation will disappear. The sensation might increase for a while but finally, it will disappear. If it did not disappear it means you were not a detached observer. Then choose another sensation in the body and do the same thing. Days when you have some time you can practice this for up to 20 minutes. The more you practice the more it helps.

Suppose there is some pain in any part of the body. There is a tendency to get very involved with it. Should you massage it, should you take medicine? Start getting detached. Observe what is happening. Let it happen. Let the uncomfortable feeling remain. Don’t remind yourself that it should go. Don’t analyze. If you have a desire that it should disappear it will not. Just let it be the way it is. Once you stop getting involved with you will find that it has disappeared.

Detach yourself from your emotions
Once you get the good practice of observing the sensations in your body you can use the same method to clear deep-rooted emotions as well. For example, someone scolded you in your childhood and you have totally forgotten. Even if you try, you don’t recall them. However, the wound is there in your consciousness – lying dormant somewhere. Once in a while, it comes to the surface. And when it does it causes a lot of disturbance and leaves a lot of negative feelings. Suppose, you saw some crime scene as a child which you have totally forgotten but when that scene comes to the surface it might leave you frightened. Your heartbeat might increase, you might start perspiring and be terribly frightened. However, you may not know the reason behind it. These are stored in the deeper levels of consciousness. If the memory comes to the surface then you might feel depressed, consider yourself to be useless and hopeless. Although you may not know the actual cause. How to erase these memories? Psychotherapy can help but it might not be available all the time. At this time the practice of remaining a detached observer helps a lot. As soon as the incident from the past comes to the surface just be a detached observer and watch it. If you remain detached the force of the incident reduces. Then when the incident comes to the surface the second time do the same thing. This time the force of the incident will reduce further.

Now the challenge is you do not know how often this might emerge.

Use Logic
Apart from being a detached observer use logic. For example, your friend criticized you. Immediately you use some logic that I am not accepting this. This is my friend’s perception of me. This is not the truth. Maybe my friend did not understand me or maybe he wanted to hear something else which I was not ready to give. Don’t accept, give some logic.

There is a third technique to clear deep-rooted negative emotions of your childhood or even past birth.

RWMA (Release, Witness, Meditate and Achieve) technique.
Release: Run or jump and tell yourself that ‘let everything negative come to the surface. I don’t want to suppress anything. I want to clean all the garbage inside’. Let it come to the surface. I want to clean everything. I want everything to come to the surface’ While doing so you might recall some unpleasant incident of your life. This will cause some discomfort in the body. Maybe the pain in the back or heat in the head or a sinking feeling. It will leave a physical impact. This is releasing, the first step.

Witnessing: This is the second stage where you just witness this uncomfortable feeling as a detached observer. Become a detached observer. Have a deep conviction that I am in no hurry to clear it. Let it be there, even if it does not go. I am just watching it. The moment you become detached, it will reduce or disappear. Now if it disappears, it means, the force of that event has reduced.

Do this daily for 15 minutes and in a matter of 20 to 30 days, you will find yourself free from the emotion. If it does not disappear don’t get frustrated. Tell yourself that it is just a matter of time. It will go away.

Meditating: Once it has disappeared or reduced the third step is meditating. Go into deep meditation. This will relax you. Once you feel that you cannot go deeper in your meditation move to the fourth step.

Achieving: This can be done in two ways.

Suppose there was some trauma in your life and you are not able to forgive someone. In such cases after practicing releasing, witnessing, and meditating tell yourself that I have risen above, I have come out of that incident, I am totally free from that incident, I am light.’ Do this for 8 weeks.

If the incident is not very traumatic, tell yourself that my life is very good, I am well settled, I have a home, I have everything, children are well settled’ etc. Remind yourself of the positive things in life.

Keep practicing this. When some painful event comes to the surface it is disturbing. But by practicing this daily you are actually cleansing your deep-rooted emotions. It will really help if this is done for 8 weeks. Don’t worry about the pain which it might cause when you do it daily.

Anything and everything can be healed. All it requires is the proper technique, right practice, and patience. Give yourself 8 weeks and see the results yourself.

I would love to hear your experiences so please do share your comments.

Good Luck!

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