Ways to develop inner power in students

Inner Power in Students

Students at the brink of exams or results always have two choices – to remain calm or create chaos. Their inner emotional power determines what they choose. Emotionally empowered students bravely face any exam, whether in academics or personal life. Today the focus is chiefly on physical aspects like physical health, admission in the best institute, long study hours and diet. Emotional health is ignored, leading to creation of stress, anxiety, fear, even disinterest in studies. 

Let us explore ways to increase inner power in students before and during exams.

  1. Wake up early – Thereafter make the most of morning hours to study, as a fresh mind has the highest absorption power. Go to bed early at night. Staying up late is not wise, as a tired mind takes longer to grasp or retain information.
  2. Before studying and before writing an exam, connect to God to take His power and blessings 
  3. Prepare affirmations such as: 
    • I am a powerful, knowledgeful student. 
    • I follow discipline in my study routine. 
    • My concentration, memory and grasping abilities are excellent. 
    • I learn everything with respect and interest. 
    • My performance in the coming exams will be the best.
  4. Repeat the affirmations 3 times as the first thoughts in the morning – Do not dilute them with doubts or negativity. Revise them after every hour. At night, go to sleep with these as the last thoughts.
  5. When pausing to revise affirmations, check the quality of your thoughts – Stop and change negative or waste thoughts to prevent leakage of energy.
  6. Stay away from distractions of every kind – Negative conversations, conflicts and gossip deplete the inner power needed for studies.
  7. During study breaks, do not consume negative information – Listen, watch or read positive information. It increases inner power.
  8. Remember – Peace is our internal creation, exam is an external event. So exams or hard work never causes stress. Our thoughts of anxiety or fear cause it. 

We understood how students can fare well in exams while retaining inner powers of peace and emotional health. It is beautiful and important to remain that way even during exam results. Let us see how to make that happen.

Role as A Student 

  1. Talents and capacities of students differ, so I should never compare my results with others’ results. The only question to answer is – Had I performed to the best of my ability?
  2. If I had given my best in the exams, no need to worry. Creating anxiety before results are announced will impact my health, not improve my scores.
  3. If I had not given my best and hence scored low, I should not go into pain. From time to time, my mind will create thoughts of guilt. With understanding, I immediately change the thought to – I will not waste energy or time dwelling in the past. It is over, finished. I focus on what to do at present, so I excel in future exams. 
  4. If I had performed to my highest potential yet scored low, I should not feel guilty but create one thought – I am proud of having given my best and will continue doing so, without losing enthusiasm.

Role as A Parent (or A Family Member):

  1. Students with poor scores fear their parents’ impulsive reaction more than the result. By creating anger or hurt, by discussing results often, or even by thinking about it, I radiate rejection to my child who is already in pain.
  2. My first role is to accept the situation by responding with emotional stability, realising that my child now needs empathy.
  3. My second role is to empower my child by radiating unconditional love and compassion, which boosts my child’s inner power to perform well next time. It also builds a strong emotional bond between us.
  4. Exams and good scores are very important. But I cannot allow poor results to affect health, happiness or harmony at home.

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