Embodiment of Divinity

The photos of the founding father of our spiritual organization showcase the embodiment of divine guidance and wisdom. The early days of the organization are captured in these photographs, as the founder sets forth on a journey to establish a foundation for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Radiating a Sense of Serenity

As the organization grew, these photos depict the founder’s unwavering dedication to spreading the teachings of the divine, and his tireless efforts to build a community of like-minded individuals. The photographs captured in these moments radiate a sense of serenity and spiritual harmony, highlighting the founder’s connection to the higher power.

18th January 1969 - Smruti Diwas

Brahma Baba Smruti Diwas is an opportunity to connect with the founder’s spiritual energy, gain guidance and inspiration, and deepen their understanding and practice of RajYoga. It is a day of reflection, gratitude, and inspiration, and a reminder of the spiritual legacy left behind by Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba - Lasting Legacy

During his lifetime, Brahma Baba was known for his simplicity and devotion to spiritual practice. In keeping with this, he used simple, functional objects in his daily life. These objects, which are considered to be sacred and preserved and displayed as a reminder of his dedication to spiritual principles.

Another important aspect of Brahma Baba’s legacy is the spiritual letters that he wrote to the children. These letters, which were written during the later years of his life, are filled with wisdom, guidance, and encouragement. They offer a glimpse into Brahma Baba’s spiritual understanding and his deep connection to the divine. They also offer valuable teachings and insights on how to live a spiritual life in a practical way.

Brahma Baba's Legacy


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