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Born in 1919 to mother Rocha and father Pokardas in Amritsar, Punjab, Mateshwari was named Radhe. She had an older sister, Parvati and a younger sister Gopi. She studied till 10th class in a school in Hyderabad, Sindh (now part of Pakistan). As a student she was studious and fashionable.

Radhe came in contact with the institution during its early days when she was 17. Her total dedication led to total transformation in her. She was adept in chanting ‘OM’ within the meetings that attracted many as she was an accomplished singer. Her songs left the audience elated and imprinted an indelible memory on their hearts. Hence she was also known as ‘Om Radhe’.

In Spite of being very young, Mamma was very mature and responsible due to which she was made responsible for the care of young girls and sisters in the group.   From the initial stages of inception of the institution, then known as ‘Om Mandali’, Om Radhe played a pivotal role. When Om Mandali moved from Karachi to Mount Abu, she was responsible for the finance of the Institution because she always kept a balance of economy and effectiveness.

She was fondly known as ‘Mamma’ – ‘Spiritual mother’ because she used to churn, imbibe and impart the spiritual knowledge received from the Incorporeal Father – Shiva in the most simple, impactful way and thus nurture everyone who came in contact with her. She had utmost faith and love in God.  She never held any prejudices towards anyone. Along with being the number one Godly student in knowledge, she was an intense tapasvi too.  She used to wake up at 2 am for meditation (Amritvela). Mamma had a very sharp intellect.

She radiated purity, peace and everyone felt the motherly warmth in her presence.  Simplicity, royalty, purity, silence, inner joy, peace were some of her divine qualities. She lived by her mottos like “Each moment is the last moment”, “Never give or take sorrow”. Her stage lifted above the attractions of the world and she stayed in the Supreme Soul Shiva’s magnetic field.

Everyone would be enticed listening to her sweetly share the knowledge that they began abstaining from onion, garlic, meat, fish, egg, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. This instigated much commotion and Sindh (now part of Pakistan) to the extent that people even picketed against them. But she had disciplined the children so well that they were able to influence the picketers into yielding their stance. Some of the opposition even prosecuted them at Court but Mateshwari faced them with a clean, selfless stage free from worry or fear. In that era of world history, there was perhaps no other young woman of her age who had faced such dire circumstances. A number of radically new concepts in the knowledge given by the Supreme Father, Supreme Being built up opposition from self-centered individuals at different places, but she remained constantly humble, fearless, and worriless. Whenever anyone (from the opposition) saw her or spoke with her, they would become her admirer.

Mateshwari stood by the principle of “One Faith, One Power”, which was put to the test when she had to appear in court to provide a testimony when a case was filed against Om Mandali. Mamma gave her testimony with such power and conviction that even the judge was silent.  She explained to the court that Om Mandali was merely following the directions of Incorporeal Father Shiva given to them through corporeal medium Dada Lekhraj (Prajapita Brahma) and not any human being.  She said it is the fundamental right of each individual to make his life’s choices and that no individual can be forced to act against his free will. An individual is well within his rights to follow the path of purity and righteousness and that no court can order him not to; when the Supreme Judge himself commands Purity in thoughts, words and actions.  Om Mandali won the case.  Mamma was unmoved throughout the whole proceedings; she had utmost faith in God.

Mamma’s personality was very powerful. Mamma made an everlasting impression on everyone she met.  Her speech was very sweet, yet most powerful and her words would calm down one’s mind, that is, transmit power to the mind. She had a soft, sweet voice and was a distinguished singer. A special kind of divinity seemed to flow with her voice and her songs were balm to the heart.  There was a magical force in her words, whoever listened to her words would instantly feel the spiritual connection with the Supreme Father Shiva.

She applied the Godly principles of economy and simplicity in managing the affairs of the institution. Her exemplary powers of judgment and discrimination coupled with her innate gentleness and benevolence induced enthusiasm and devotion towards her.  She was a constant source of inspiration and guidance who set standards by her own practical life.

Wherever she went, large audiences flocked daily to listen to her discourses. She encouraged new aspirants; offered personal guidance and gave spiritual solutions to their problems. Her speeches and articles that were published in newspapers brought many souls towards her. All those who met her felt amazed. They had never met any other like Mateshwari.

More beautiful than her words even was Mateshwaris’s silence. At one of the gatherings,  she was about to be introduced from the rostrum but just as the moderator turned to look at her, he was so moved by the angelic presence, which he saw before him that he simply stopped mid- sentence, transfixed. Mamma walked to the center of the stage and stood in glowing silence. She looked around at the audience, which touched the hearts of the souls so much that many of them were filled with tears of joy. Actually, her deep stage of meditation was giving them an instant experience of the bliss of being with God with just a shining look. The audience was hushed and entranced. Later she electrified her listeners with her discourse.

Mateshwari served by her superb life, loveful guidance and tireless zeal. She left her mortal coil on 24th June 1965 and gained the angelic stage.  She continues to be one of the founding pillars in God’s work of world transformation.

Based on her virtues and spiritual powers, she is known and worshipped in many forms such as Durga, Shakti, Aadi Devi or first deity, Mahakali, Saraswati – the Goddess of Knowledge.  We now understand that she is the first spiritual daughter of Prajapita Brahma. No matter who saw her – a sinner, murderer or devotee they would all address her as ‘Mother’ – Jagdamba. Her conscience was unmatchable.


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“सदैव समझो यह मेरी अन्तिम घड़ी है।”

Matheshwari - Mamma