Rising above others mistakes bk shivani

Rising Above Others Mistakes

In the vibrant dance of life, we often come across situations where others’ mistakes can deeply affect us, leading to emotional turmoil. This blog explores the philosophy of not suffering because of others’ mistakes, drawing parallels with the symbolic act of lighting a Diya (lamp). Just as lighting a Diya signifies auspiciousness, becoming a giver of love, respect, and happiness can transform our lives and those around us. Let’s embark on a journey of understanding how to rise above the mistakes of others and maintain our inner peace.

The Symbolism of the Diya

The Diya, made of clay and lit in many households, represents more than just a physical object. It symbolizes the act of ‘giving’. When we shift from a mindset of constantly wanting to a mindset of giving – love, respect, happiness – we light the inner Diya, leading to an auspicious life. This change in perspective is crucial to not suffering because of others’ mistakes.

Becoming the Giver

Envisioning oneself as a giver, a Diya in one’s family or workplace, requires introspection and a shift in our thought process. We must recognize that happiness, peace, and power are innate to us, and we don’t need to seek them externally. By affirming daily that we are givers, we change our perspective from wanting to giving.

Understanding the Dynamics of Energy Exchange

When we get angry at someone, it’s important to understand who truly feels the impact of that anger. The one who creates anger, not the receiver, first experiences its negative effects – increased blood pressure, a disturbed mind. Similarly, when we offer respect or love, we are the first to bask in their positive energy.

Forgiveness as a Tool for Liberation

Holding onto past grievances harms us more than the person who wronged us. Forgiveness is not just an act of kindness towards others but a profound way to heal and free ourselves. By letting go of past hurts, we prevent them from manifesting as physical or emotional pain.

Creating Your Destiny

Our thoughts and actions create our destiny. When faced with others’ mistakes, choosing forgiveness and positive thoughts helps us write a destiny of peace and well-being for ourselves. In contrast, harboring negative thoughts only leads to personal loss and suffering.

Living in Your Era of Peace

The choice between living in an era of strife (Kalyug) or peace (Satyug) lies within us. By adopting qualities of giving, forgiveness, and love, we can create a personal era of Satyug, irrespective of the external environment of Kalyug.

Essence and Actionable Tips

  1. Be the Diya: Embrace the role of a giver in your life. Offer love, respect, and happiness unconditionally.

  2. Practice Forgiveness: Regularly reflect on any grudges you might be holding and consciously let them go. Remember, forgiveness benefits you first.

  3. Affirm Positive Thoughts: Daily affirmations can transform your mindset. Remind yourself, “I am a giver,” to shift from wanting to giving.

  4. Create Your Era of Peace: Choose your personal era of Satyug by embracing positive qualities and actions, regardless of others’ behaviors or the prevailing societal norms.

  5. Meditation for Emotional Balance: Incorporate meditation into your routine to maintain emotional balance and cultivate a forgiving and loving mindset.


Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

Welcome to a guided meditation focused on transcending the impact of others’ mistakes by connecting with the Supreme Being. In this meditation, we will learn to channel divine energy to liberate ourselves from the bindings of past hurts and embrace a life of giving and forgiveness.

Setting the Scene

Find a peaceful spot where you can sit or lie down comfortably. Gently close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling serenity and exhaling any discomfort or tension.


  1. Visualizing the Supreme Light: Picture a brilliant, pure light above you, symbolizing the Supreme Being. This light is a source of unconditional love, understanding, and forgiveness. Feel its presence as a comforting, nurturing force.

  2. Embracing the Divine Connection: Imagine this divine light slowly descending towards you and merging with the light within your heart – the Diya of your being. Feel the warmth and radiance of this combined light, symbolizing your connection with the Supreme.

  3. Releasing Others’ Mistakes: Think of any instances where others’ mistakes have impacted you. Now, visualize offering these memories and feelings up to the divine light. As they meet the light, see them dissolving, leaving you feeling lighter and unburdened.

  4. Affirming Forgiveness and Giving: Repeat to yourself, “In the presence of the Supreme, I choose to forgive. I am a giver of love, respect, and happiness. I am free from the bonds of past hurts.”

  5. Feeling the Divine Liberation: As you continue to bask in this divine connection, feel the transformation within. Your heart is becoming a source of endless love and giving, untouched by others’ actions or mistakes.

  6. Absorbing Divine Qualities: With each breath, feel yourself absorbing the qualities of the Supreme – peace, love, forgiveness. Let these qualities fill you up, replacing any negative emotions or thoughts.

  7. Returning with Renewed Perspective: Slowly start to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel a renewed sense of peace and purpose, carrying with you the divine qualities you have embraced.

  8. Gratitude: Before opening your eyes, express your gratitude to the Supreme Being for this experience of connection and liberation.


As you gently open your eyes, carry this sense of liberation and divine connection into your daily life. Remember, you have the power to rise above the mistakes of others and lead a life of emotional freedom and giving. This divine connection is your source of strength and peace.

Post-Meditation Practice:

Throughout your day, if you find yourself affected by others’ actions, pause and reconnect with this feeling of divine presence. Let it guide you back to a state of forgiveness and giving.

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