Don’t allow others to dominate your emotional state

May 24, 2024

Don’t Allow Others To Dominate Your Emotional State


In many of the different types of relationships we find ourselves in, may they be our personal relationships or at the workplace, we sometimes feel ourselves to be in a position where we feel we are being dominated and controlled negatively by the opposite person. A very common example of the above negative energy, in personal and non-personal relationships, is when someone gets angry with you and manages to make you react and get upset, they manage to dominate you. Over a period of time, they start realizing that they possess an invisible and powerful remote control, using which, whenever they want to control you, what they should do is to get angry with you and that way they will achieve the desired control. Their anger becomes a remote control. When you react, you are allowing this control or allowing the other person’s remote control to work. It is you that chooses to allow yourself to be influenced and dominated. It is important for us to realize that we can choose and take the decision to allow ourselves to be controlled and dominated, or we can choose to express what we feel without being affected by the reaction of the other and still maintaining our love, respect and good wishes for them.

Let us not allow ourselves to be dominated and influenced by entities external to us which include objects and people, or we will lose our spiritual energy. Each moment we allow another person’s remote control to work successfully, or we allow an object to control and dominate our emotional state, we weaken internally. We become like a puppet in the other person’s hands. A puppet is never powerful because it does not act on its own but is controlled by someone else. We need to prevent that if we want to conserve our energy and remain spiritually strong. Meditation and spiritual knowledge both increase our spiritual strength and also increase our self-esteem or self-respect over a period of time. Both these help us remain in self-control and not only disallow the other’s remote control to work but we also become assertive (not aggressive) and take a stand when required.

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