Success is the name – Brahma Kumaris

“I had a great pleasure to attend Jurists Conference on Values for a Better World and Meditation Retreat, I heartily congratulate Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya for organizing this magnificent conference which had attracted about 700 Jurists from different parts of India and abroad which include about dozen of supreme court and High Court Judge, ministers, eminent lawyers, high police and taxation officers.

Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is an educational institution, which is imparting spiritual and moral education and technique of Raja Yoga without which academic education is just hollow. In fact, Brahma Kumaris by their dedication, purity of character are performing the same function, which in old days was performed by our saints, sages and seers. I have toured different countries of the world and I have found their centers in all important countries and in all continents and in fact, they are serving as Spiritual Ambassadors of India all over the globe. Dadi Prakashmaniji’s participation in “World Religions Conference” in Chicago in Sept, 1993 has been a great achievement, not only for Rajasthan but also for whole of India.

Even the U.N. has applauded the activities of this institution by conferring award of Peace Messenger on it. India’s only gift to the world can be the spiritual light, which Brahma Kumari sisters are imparting. The work done by this institution in uplifting the status and dignity of women is matchless. The ladies who were considered dependents upon men throughout their lives; on the father in childhood, on the husband when young and on their children in old age, have been transformed into the teachers of mankind by the inspiration of Shiva Baba through the corporeal medium of Pitashri Brahma.

This is the only institution in the world, which is being run and managed mostly by ladies and that too most successfully. Brahma Kumaris have entered the social field also and have set up Global Hospital at Mount Abu, which is a boon for the area. In this hospital medicine has been combined with meditation with marvelous curing results. I have learnt that this hospital has acquired the reputation of being ‘a Paradise for the patient’. The up coming Gyan Sarovar Complex is bound to do unique service for spreading spiritual and moral education. It will not be an exaggeration to say that success is the name-Brahma Kumaris and you richly deserve it.

Great Sikandra tried to conquer the world by sword but failed. Brahma Kumaris are trying to make earth as one country and mankind its citizens by their message of love in which mission, I wish them a success assuring them that whatever co-operation or help they need from me, I will deem it as my duty to give.”

Justice A.S. Qureshi