Then I could listen to the voice of shanti(peace)…

“Bitter experiences in life led me to many situations. Thus I reached this Vidyalaya, which transmits light to the whole world from its Headquarters at Mount Abu. I used to visit every week the Brahma Kumaris Centre at Delhi when I was in the Supreme Court. Since this institution is instrumental for spiritual elevation I am attracted to it again and again. So I used to visit Mount Abu at least once in two years or three year and spend there two or three days . As a result of this I could enjoy spiritual peace.

Now I am convinced, this is helpful for the attainment of internal peace, which is distinct from mere utterance of ‘OM SHANTI’. When I came closer to this movement many of its characteristics struck my heart. Mount Abu now represents a worldwide movement. I have toured many countries. Wherever I went, I found Brahma Kumaris centres. Once I had been to New Zealand and Australia, as directed by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. In all these countries I could witness the presence of Brahma Kumaris centres. Two years back when I visited New Jersey in United States, I found out a center of Brahma Kumaris with the help of telephone directory. The head of these centers was a Brahma Kumari who was very much familiar to me. Next day was Deepavali festival. She insisted that I should participate in the function. It was a period when I suffered mental depression. During this period I had been to Sri Satya Sai Baba also. I visited the BK center at New York also and spent two hours there. Then I could listen the voice of shanti (peace). Absorbing the message of shanti I returned. To see Brahma Kumaris and Kumars indulge in meditation was a real experience.

When my sister Dr. Meenakshi desired to spend one week in peace, I directed her to Mount Abu. Later, my niece and her husband went there. It is their firm belief and conviction that real sanctity pervaded in the premises of Ishwariya Vidyalaya at Mount Abu. A deeper probe will soon disclose that we are not that we appear to be. For instance I am not a retired judge of the Supreme Court, I am not the old man I look or the clothes that I wear. Penetrate further and you will realize that you are more than your senses or positions or status in life or indeed your possessions and riches. Go into yourself further more and you will discover what you truly are – A Divine Spark — that manifests itself to the outside world in various forms. Each one of us is a divine spark, a point of light, a child of Supreme Light (Supreme Soul) we call SHIVA. Call it by any other name – Ishwar, Allah, Jehovah etc. It is a Universal Light, the realization of which banishes darkness and brings about Knowledge of our true self.

Today we live in the darkness at noon. The time has come for this deterioration, degradation, debasement that I call darkness, to be dissolved by communion with the eternal Beacon; we need not quarrel over the name of the Supreme Light. What is important is truth. To grasp the truth that we are a point of light that we must establish communion with the Supreme Light, that we must not surrender to the vulgar culture of body-consciousness but sublimate our soul-consciousness to that high level where all of us knit together in a global family of brothers and sisters. When this divine consciousness is universalized, the Golden Age dawns.

Justice V. R. Krishna lyer

  • Om Svastyastu!

    Luar biasa pencapaiannya, berarti telah tercerahkan oleh Sang Jiwa Utama! Amat salut, bersyukurlah kepada-nya telah berkenan memberi anugerahnya dan pada Sang Jiwa Sendiri (Atman) yang telah mau menuntunnya ke arah pemurnian diri!

    Salam Tatwamasi!
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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