Living in a large family in a small house, emphasizing the need to bend, adjust, and resolve conflicts quickly for the sake of harmony. The image symbolizes a cozy, small house filled with family members engaging in various activities that reflect cooperation and familial harmony within a confined space.

How Can You Transform Your Life with the Power of Giving?

Have you ever pondered the profound impact that giving, rather than seeking, can have on your life and the world around you? In a time where individualism often takes precedence over community and collective well-being, the essence of true happiness and power might just lie in our ability to give. This blog delves into the transformative power of embracing giving, drawing parallels between physical flexibility and mental agility, and how filling oneself with divine powers through meditation can lead to a life of contentment and purpose.

The Lost Art of Giving

Once upon a time, living in a large family in a small house required us to bend, adjust, and resolve conflicts quickly, for the sake of harmony. These actions weren’t just physical but deeply mental and spiritual exercises that enhanced our inner strength and flexibility. Today, as we live more isolated lives in larger spaces, our ability to adjust and give seems to be diminishing. This shift has profound implications, not only on our personal growth but on our collective spiritual health as well.

Like a morning exercise routine that increases our body’s flexibility, mental bending—choosing to initiate communication, to forgive, and to extend help—increases our soul’s flexibility. It strengthens our ‘Sanskars’ or intrinsic qualities, enriching our spiritual lives. However, when we cease to exercise these qualities, we not only lose them but also diminish our soul’s power.

Transforming Kalyug into Satyug

Our world has transitioned from Satyug, an era of truth and righteousness, to Kalyug, marked by materialism and a lack of virtue. The crux of transforming our current world into a ‘Satyug’ anew lies in our willingness to adopt a mindset of giving over receiving. Drawing the Swastika, a symbol of the eternal nature of the soul and the cycle of time, serves as a reminder of this shift from seeking to giving, from asking to blessing.

This transformation begins with the self. By fostering a mindset of giving—be it respect, love, or understanding—we not only enrich others but also purify our own souls. This practice of giving, devoid of any expectation of return, aligns us with the divine souls of Satyug, where giving was a natural state of being.

Meditation: The Path to Filling Ourselves with Divine Powers

Meditation, or Rajyog, emerges as a pivotal practice in this journey of transformation. It’s not merely about remembering God but connecting and filling ourselves with divine powers. This connection allows us to download God’s virtues, much like accessing data from a website, transforming our inner world and, by extension, our external reality.

Rajyog meditation teaches us to connect with the Supreme Soul, recognizing God as our eternal parent and filling ourselves with God’s limitless powers. This daily practice, especially when initiated with the first thought of gratitude each morning, builds a constant companionship with God, guiding us through life’s challenges with divine wisdom and strength.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Embarking on this journey of giving, supported by a consistent meditation practice, offers a path to transform not only our lives but the world. By becoming conduits of God’s virtues, we can begin to experience the peace and purity of Satyug in our everyday lives.

Actionable Tips:

  • Practice giving without expectations daily, be it a kind word, a helpful gesture, or understanding.
  • Start and end your day with a thought of gratitude towards God, establishing a connection that fills you with divine powers.
  • Incorporate Rajyog meditation into your daily routine, aiming to connect with and absorb God’s virtues.


  • How can you practice giving more in your daily life?
  • What changes do you notice in yourself when you focus on giving rather than receiving?

Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

Take a moment to sit comfortably with your eyes half-open, signifying your intention to carry this inner peace into your daily activities. Begin by visualizing yourself as a beacon of light, filled with divine energy and power. As you breathe in, imagine drawing this energy from the Supreme Soul, filling every part of your being with purity and strength. With each out-breath, envision yourself radiating this energy outward, blessing everyone around you. Repeat the affirmation, “I am a soul who gives to everyone, filled with God’s infinite powers.” Let this feeling of abundance and peace guide your actions throughout the day.

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