Finish your problems using god's power bk shivani

Finish Your Problems Using God’s Powers

Embarking on a journey of spiritual understanding and self-transformation, we often turn to divine wisdom or ‘Gyan’ for guidance. This blog post delves into the depths of spiritual knowledge, framed in an engaging question and answer format, to uncover the profound teachings about God’s role in our lives and our path to purity and happiness.

What is the significance of viewing God as the Ocean of Wisdom?

Viewing God as the Ocean of Wisdom emphasizes the vastness and depth of divine knowledge available to us. It signifies that God is not just a figure of worship but a source of endless wisdom and guidance.

How have we traditionally glorified God, and what does it imply?

Traditionally, we have glorified God as the Ocean of Love, Peace, Forgiveness, and the Destroyer of Obstacles. This implies our recognition of God’s multifaceted nature and our reliance on Him to alleviate our sorrows and grant happiness.

Is there a misconception about how God assists us in overcoming sorrows?

Yes, often there’s a misconception that God will magically remove our sorrows and transform us. However, the truth is that God provides us with spiritual wisdom, which we must use to make efforts towards our transformation.

What does it mean to take a ‘dip in the ocean of wisdom’ daily?

Taking a dip in the ocean of wisdom daily means immersing oneself in spiritual teachings and practices regularly. It’s about allowing these teachings to purify our thoughts and guide our actions, leading to a gradual transformation.

How does divine wisdom transform our thinking and behavior?

Divine wisdom transforms our thinking by replacing impure thoughts and intentions with purity, love, and peace. It influences our behavior, leading us to act with compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

What is the role of karma in God’s forgiveness, and how does divine wisdom help?

Karma dictates that we face the consequences of our actions. God’s forgiveness is about providing us with the wisdom to face our karmic accounts gracefully. Divine wisdom helps us to understand and navigate our karma, transforming our challenges into opportunities for growth.

How is spiritual wisdom the biggest blessing from God?

Spiritual wisdom is the biggest blessing because it empowers us to change our lives from within. It’s not about receiving material blessings but about gaining the knowledge and strength to overcome obstacles and achieve true happiness.

How can maintaining a ‘personality of purity’ transform our lives?

A personality of purity means living a life aligned with spiritual teachings. It involves radiating positivity, peace, and love, which not only elevates our own life but also positively influences those around us.

What impact does our external appearance and behavior have on our inner purity?

Our external appearance and behavior are reflections of our inner state. A lack of inner purity can manifest as restlessness, impurity in thoughts, and negative body language. Cultivating inner purity enhances our external demeanor, bringing peace and harmony to our actions.

How can we protect our spiritual energy in daily interactions?

Protecting our spiritual energy involves being mindful of the vibrations we emit and attract. It’s about maintaining purity in thoughts and intentions, ensuring we don’t get entangled in negative energies, and staying true to our spiritual principles in all interactions.


This Q&A exploration sheds light on the profound role of divine wisdom in guiding and transforming our lives. Embracing and applying this wisdom in our daily lives leads us towards a path of purity, peace, and true happiness. Let this knowledge be a beacon in your spiritual journey, illuminating the path to a fulfilled and enlightened life.

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