The souls journey rediscovering our seven core values

On the left side, the image begins with a simple, bright light that gradually darkens as it moves to the center. In the center, the image is the darkest, symbolizing the deepest point of darkness. Moving to the right, the darkness gradually fades and light returns. 

The Soul’s Journey : Rediscovering Our Seven Core Values

Intrinsic values are the foundational qualities that define the essence of every soul. These values — Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Bliss, and Power — are inherent to the soul’s true nature. They are not just abstract concepts; they are the core values that guide our thoughts, actions, and interactions 🌟.

In our daily lives, these values manifest in various ways, influencing how we perceive ourselves and others, how we react to challenges, and how we contribute to the well-being of society 🌱. When these intrinsic values are fully expressed, they lead to a harmonious and fulfilling life. They help us navigate the complexities of the modern world, fostering positive relationships and creating a sense of inner stability and purpose 🤝.

However, as we journey through life, these values can become obscured by negative experiences and external influences . This transformation can lead to a sense of disconnect and dissatisfaction, both within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

The Perfection of the Soul

At the beginning of its journey, each soul is in a state of absolute perfection, completely embodying these seven values. This pristine state is akin to a newborn’s innocence, untouched by the world’s complexities and impurities 🌼. The soul, in its original state, is like a vessel filled to the brim with these divine qualities. This state of being is characterized by a deep sense of peace and contentment, untainted by negative experiences or thoughts 🕊️.

The Cycle of Time and the Soul’s Evolution

As time progresses, the soul embarks on a journey through various lifetimes and experiences. Each birth and rebirth bring new challenges and interactions that shape the soul’s experiences and attributes 🌍. Initially, the soul’s values remain intact, but as it continues through the cycle of time, these values begin to diminish. The soul takes on the influences of the physical world, and its original qualities become clouded by acquired traits such as ego, anger, greed, and attachment 🌿.

This process can be compared to a clear stream gradually becoming polluted as it flows through different terrains. Despite the accumulation of impurities, the original pure water still exists at its core 💧. Similarly, the soul’s original seven values remain, but they are less apparent due to the layers of acquired negativity and experiences .

The Depletion of Soul’s Values

The depletion of these values is a gradual process. As the soul interacts with the material world, it begins to identify more with the body and external possessions rather than its true self 🌪️. This shift in focus leads to a decrease in the soul’s inherent qualities. For instance, purity gets overshadowed by impurity, peace by turmoil, power by weakness, knowledge by ignorance, happiness by sorrow, love by hatred, and bliss by distress 😔.

The world drama, a concept explaining the cyclic nature of time, suggests that we are now in the last phase of this cycle, where the soul’s original values are at their lowest 🌑. This phase is characterized by a general sense of discontent and unrest, as the soul struggles to reconnect with its true nature.

Recharging the Soul

Despite the depletion, the original seven values are never completely lost 🌈. They can be recharged and brought back to their full potential through spiritual practices and a strong connection with the divine. One effective way to recharge these values is through Rajyoga meditation, which focuses on re-establishing the connection between the soul and the Supreme Soul, God 🌸. By immersing in this divine connection, the soul can begin to shed its acquired negativities and regain its original purity and strength 🧘‍♂️.

The Eternal Nature of the Soul’s Values

It’s crucial to understand that the soul’s original values are eternal 🔄. They might be overshadowed or diminished over time, but they cannot be destroyed. This enduring nature of the soul’s values offers hope and a path to redemption 🌺. Through conscious effort and spiritual practices, the soul can realign itself with its original state of being, gradually restoring its inherent qualities 🌟.

Which are those 7 Values/Qualities ?

  1. Purity refers to the soul’s inherent state of being clean, honest, and free from any moral corruption or negative influences. It signifies innocence, integrity, and a clear conscience, allowing the soul to act with truthfulness and sincerity.

  2. Peace is the deep inner calm and tranquility that the soul naturally possesses. It is characterized by a state of mental and emotional stability, where one remains undisturbed by external turmoil or challenges.

  3. Power here means inner strength and resilience. It is the ability of the soul to stay strong and steadfast in the face of difficulties, maintaining confidence and self-assurance without being overwhelmed by external circumstances.

  4. Knowledge represents the soul’s innate wisdom and understanding of its true nature and the world around it. It includes self-awareness, insight, and the ability to discern truth from falsehood, guiding the soul to make wise and informed decisions.

  5. Happiness is the natural state of joy and contentment that emanates from within the soul. Unlike temporary pleasure from external sources, this happiness is enduring and stable, providing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

  6. Love in its purest form, is unconditional and selfless. It is the soul’s inherent capacity to feel and express deep affection and compassion for others, fostering connections and relationships based on mutual respect and kindness.

  7. Bliss is the highest form of joy and spiritual ecstasy. It is a profound sense of inner joy and contentment that transcends physical pleasures and external conditions, reflecting the soul’s ultimate state of harmony and fulfillment.

These seven core values define the true essence of the soul, guiding its thoughts, actions, and interactions throughout its journey. They are the foundation for a harmonious and fulfilling life, influencing how we perceive ourselves and relate to the world around us.


The journey of the soul is a testament to the resilience and enduring purity of its core values. Despite the trials and tribulations of countless lifetimes, the soul’s original seven values remain intact at its core. By recognizing this eternal truth and striving to reconnect with these values, we can navigate through life’s challenges with greater clarity and peace 🌠. The ultimate aim is to return to that original state of perfection, where the soul once again shines with the full brilliance of its seven fundamental values ✨

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