Will Lakshmi Visit Me This Diwali

Diwali symbolizes igniting the soul-lamp or awakening of the self. It also symbolizes the coronation of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. –the first Empress and Emperor of the Golden Age.

We’ve been igniting the earthen lamps and evoking Shri Lakshmi for years. However, we have not been able to ignite our minds nor has the goddess dwelled in Bharat.
Everybody forgets all their worries and is absorbed in the festivity, joy, and bliss. Wearing new clothes, eating sweets, and exchanging gifts mark the celebration of Diwali. All the houses are lighted with earthen lamps, candles, and electric bulbs. The family members get together and worship Shri Lakshmi & Shri Ganesh.

Businessmen close their old accounts and open their new account books the next day. This is also known as New Year as per Hindu Calendar Year.
Will the Goddess of Wealth dwell merely by keeping the gates of the houses open or by igniting lamps or candles? Or do we have to make efforts to bring in self-transformation by making our lives as pious as that of Shri Lakshmi?

Can happiness prevail just by enjoying the festival together? While keeping the darkness of bitterness, hatred, enmity towards one another intact?

Will Shri Lakshmi visit our houses if we worship her while having an evil on women or by discriminating between son and daughter?


Why has Shri Lakshmi, who despite of being worshipped with a lot of devotion, sulked with us? Why most people are still suffering from poverty – subtly and monetarily?

Bharat was once called the Golden Sparrow. There was mutual love, cordiality, trust, and faith. These have been replaced by enmity, hatred, the rising of crimes against women, etc.?

Obviously, something must be going wrong. Which has led to the increase of sorrows, miseries, tensions, and anxiety.
At the present Confluence Age, The Supreme Soul is teaching us Rajyoga. It is the knowledge of Soul, Supreme Soul, Mystery of the World-Cycle, and Karma Philosophy. Human beings are vicious because of body consciousness. All the problems in the world are nothing but the results of these vices themselves.

By implementing Godly Knowledge our lives will become virtuous and worthy. In the forthcoming Golden Age or Satyuga, we’ll attain the statues of gods and goddesses. They are beings with divine virtues.

On the day of Diwali, one earthen lamp of the largest size, called Deep Raj is lit. Along with this, all the other earthen lamps of small sizes are lit. Here, the real Deep Raj is God Shiva. He ignites our intellects through His auspicious Knowledge. This dispels the darkness of ignorance from this world.

Ravana is a symbolic representation of the five vices present in both men and women. (that is why Ravana was said to have 10 heads). We burn the real Ravana by transforming ourselves through His Knowledge and remembrance. Then our minds and intellects become viceless and pure. In the memorial of this act, on Diwali, people cleanse their houses.

The closure of old accounts is symbolic of the closing of accounts of misdeeds. The opening of new accounts is symbolic of opening accounts of elevated deeds.
As per Godly Knowledge, the real Diwali will be the Golden Age or Satyuga. Everything will be pure in Satyuga. Here everybody will be abundant with all virtues, vice-less and non-violent.

Let’s learn and inculcate Godly Knowledge and celebrate the real Diwali. Let’s make our lives as divinized as that of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan.