Believe in Yourself

A few days back, I was having a discussion with one of my friends who was having low self-confidence. The reason as per him was that others don’t believe in him. Suddenly it struck me whether this is ‘self-confidence‘ or ‘others confidence? If someone doubts my abilities, is it not his/her confidence in me? Rather than my confidence in myself?

I can say that I have less ‘others-confidence.’ I need to work on some of the skills which can help others see the truth and best of me. But why do I start doubting myself because of what others can or can’t see in me?

No doubt, other’s suggestions, and views are important to have an unbiased opinion but self-confidence is about your take on yourself rather than other’s take on you.

Today we are facing more and more issues with self-confidence. Disheartened youth taking extreme steps with their lives. Why are we becoming so desperate to see our reflection in other’s eyes? Smiling, crying, and sometimes even ending our lives because of that image.

If we look at it deeply, the root cause is not lacking self-confidence. It’s more about self-awareness and self-compassion. We spend more time finding ways to know someone and impress them but we fail to realize that the first person who needs my attention and love is ME.

To be honest reading one article is not going to increase your self-awareness and confidence. You really need to have the hunger to go and show the world who you are and more importantly show yourself who you are!!

You might have felt that little adrenaline gush when I said ‘to show the world who you are.’ This is actually where we all fall. Getting excited to show others. However, the real excitement should come in challenging, pushing, and surprisingly the self.

Live for those moments where after dancing through the road of life you can hold your head up high and with love in your eyes say to yourself ‘I am awesome!!’

So, try to be the observer of yourself, see your thoughts, and watch the real reason for your decisions without judging them.

In the coming days, we will explore more on self-awareness and self-compassion. To start with, ask this to yourself “If time and money weren’t an issue, what would you do or like to do with your life?”

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