Illustration of a person meditating, surrounded by four blocks labeled gyan, yog, dharna, and seva, each symbolizing different aspects of spiritual practice.

2 Ways to Multiply Your Happiness and Blessings

In the tapestry of life, happiness and blessings are often sought after as rare jewels. Yet, what if we told you that the secret to multiplying these treasures lies within your reach? In the profound teachings of spirituality, it is said that we are all endowed with four unique treasures – Gyan (knowledge), Yog (connection), Dharna (implementation), and Seva (service). These are not just mere words but pathways to an enriched life, full of happiness and blessings.

The Four Treasures and Their Impact

  1. Gyan – The Foundation of Wisdom: Often symbolized by the spiritual teachings or ‘Murli’, Gyan is the cornerstone of understanding life and its myriad situations. It’s akin to a guiding light that helps navigate through the complexities of life. The true essence of Gyan is not just in acquiring it, but in its application. It’s the difference between knowing a path and walking the path.

  2. Yog – The Art of Connection: Yog, in its truest form, is the connection with the divine or higher self. This isn’t just a practice; it’s a state of being. It’s about keeping the windows of the soul open to the constant radiance of the divine, much like how the sun shines equally on all.

  3. Dharna – The Act of Implementation: Knowing and connecting are just the initial steps. Dharna is about putting these into action in our daily lives. It’s about changing our sanskars (inherent tendencies) and replacing old belief systems with new, empowering ones.

  4. Seva – The Joy of Service: Finally, Seva, or service, is the act of using our treasures for the benefit of others. It’s in this giving that we receive; in serving, our soul’s treasures multiply.

The Art of Receiving and Utilizing These Treasures

The disparity in happiness among individuals is not because the treasures are distributed unequally. Rather, it’s in the manner they are received and utilised. Two critical points emerge here:

  • The Utilisation of Knowledge: It’s not enough to simply receive wisdom; its power is unleashed when applied. Like muscles that grow stronger with use, wisdom deepens and expands when put into practice. Each time we face a situation with a new understanding, we transform not just the situation but ourselves too.

  • Service and Blessings: Service isn’t just an act; it’s an investment in the soul. Each act of service multiplies the treasures within us, returning to us in the form of blessings and increased inner strength.

The Simple Yet Profound Path to Happiness

Now, how can we practically apply these concepts in our daily lives? It begins with a simple yet profound routine:

  • From Amritvela (the early morning hours): Start your day by connecting with the divine, drawing in blessings and strength. This spiritual ‘charging’ sets the tone for the day.

  • Bless and Be Blessed: Throughout your day, engage in the act of giving blessings. This isn’t limited to words but extends to thoughts and deeds. In blessing others, irrespective of their behaviour towards us, we elevate our own state of being.

Essence : The True Essence of Multiplying Happiness

In conclusion, the key to multiplying our happiness and blessings lies in the art of giving and using the divine treasures wisely. It’s a journey of turning knowledge into wisdom, connections into spiritual strength, actions into transformative steps, and service into a source of joy. Remember, happiness is not just a feeling; it’s a state of being that we cultivate through conscious effort and spiritual practice.

Thought-Provoking Question

How can you apply the treasure of Gyan in your daily life to transform challenges into opportunities for growth?


Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

Gently lower your eyelids, maintaining them half-open. 

Visualizing the Soul

Focus on the center of your forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. Picture a radiant point of light here. This is your true self, the soul. Feel its peace and purity.

Contemplating the Four Treasures

Reflect on the four treasures: Gyan (knowledge), Yog (connection with the Divine), Dharna (inculcating virtues), and Seva (service). 

Using and Amplifying Treasures

Imagine these treasures within you. As you apply Gyan in your daily life, your wisdom grows. Serving others blesses you and increases the power of your soul. It’s not just receiving these treasures; it’s about expanding them through use.

The Cycle of Blessings

Visualize yourself giving and receiving blessings. With each interaction throughout your day, exchange pure, positive energy. In giving blessings, you are the first recipient, transforming any negativity within and around you.

Being a Channel of Positivity

Acknowledge your role as a child of the Divine, destined to give and share. As you embrace this identity, you fill yourself with divine virtues, eliminating emptiness or unrest.

Connecting with the Divine

In your mind, connect with the Divine, especially during the early hours of morning. This spiritual connection recharges you, enabling you to radiate blessings and positivity.

Slowly, bring your full attention back to the present, keeping your eyes half-open. You are a powerful soul, equipped with divine treasures, ready to multiply happiness and blessings in the world.

As you proceed with your day, maintain this awareness of being a source of divine light and love, sharing your spiritual wealth with everyone you encounter.

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