Control over thoughts brings easy success

As long as the human soul is in a body, it performs actions, even if it is just thinking or breathing. Each of the body’s organs has a task to perform, which it does naturally. You do not labour to move your hands or feet, unless you are debilitated. Similarly, the mind and intellect, which are faculties of the soul, are naturally applied to the job of thinking and discerning.

Normally, one focuses primarily on the tasks one is assigned or required to do, but if that is not happening, it means one’s attention and energy are engaged elsewhere. This was the case with ancient rulers who had power and wealth and could have used them with wisdom, but they often cared more about their own pleasure than undertaking the complicated task of ruling their kingdom for the benefit of their subjects.

On the spiritual path, too, if one is attracted by the fleeting pleasures offered by the material world, one forgets God. Enjoyment of physical pleasures and remembrance of God cannot go hand in hand.

When someone fails in their spiritual effort, it is the intellect that falls first, as it is diverted from the source of divine power. Just as in a battle the enemy cuts your communications and supplies and then attacks, spiritual aspirants first lose awareness of their true self, the soul, and the connection with the Divine through which they receive power. To prevent this, one needs to constantly observe the intellect.

Control over the intellect should be such that one can stabilise it in one thought at will, for as long as desired. This ability to control thoughts is developed by practice. Thoughts are our creation and we are their creators. We can acquire the ability to think of something for only as long as it is necessary; the intellect should be engaged only where it needs to be. Regular practice of meditation makes this possible.

When spiritual aspirants come together for a task and all of them have one focus, the combined energy of their common thought brings success.

Their vibrations spread far and wide, touching other souls and kindling their spiritual awareness. This is a powerful way to reach out to those who are suffering, and help them find peace and contentment in their lives.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay