Create A Positive Environment On World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a UN Environment-led global event. It takes place on June 5 every year since it began in 1972.

UN Environment provides leadership in caring for the environment. Their mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

While saving the physical environment how about taking a look at the subtle environment as well this time?

What is this subtle environment?
A mall or a temple are visited by the same people. However, the energy that each place carries is different. It’s because the same people create different thoughts and emotions in different places.

The same people eat at a restaurant and also at langars in Gurudwaras. However, the thoughts created while consuming the food is different. Reason – the feelings with which the food is consumed.

So, a subtle environment or energy field is created by the collective thoughts and feelings of people in that area. This cannot be seen or heard but can only be felt. No wonder you feel so peaceful in a church but become sad in a cremation ground.

So, the same people are creating different energies at different places due to the different thoughts they create.

Every thought you create is an energy that is vibrating in the atmosphere.

As is the quality of thought, so is the quality of vibrations. Your thoughts have the power to create the energy field of a place.

How do you improve the energy levels of your home and workplace?
It just takes a little bit of awareness and attention and you can change your atmosphere.

Thoughts are created based on the information that is fed to your mind. So, in the morning feed your mind with positive spiritual thoughts. The information which motivates, shows you the direction of goodness, makes you patient, etc.
Meditation calms the mind and a calm mind creates good quality thoughts.
While interacting with others make it a practice to keep their good qualities in mind. Keeping someone’s specialties in mind always makes you positive. This, in turn, makes the environment and your interactions very light & harmonious.
Keep a check on your thoughts. Set reminders on your mobile at frequent intervals to just watch what you are thinking. If you don’t find your thoughts to be constructive immediately stop them and change. At Brahma Kumaris, we call this traffic control. That’s to keep a check and control the traffic of thoughts. You could use the BeeZone app for this on your mobile.
Music impacts the mind. Be it soft music played in a spa or music in discos or Christmas carols. The quality of music you play impacts your moods. So, rather than listening to stimulating and exciting music from movies and albums, let’s listen to soft music or spiritual songs. These calm the mind and hence calms the environment.
A clean and tidy atmosphere leads to a decluttered mind. So, make sure your ambiance is always neat and clean.
You become what you see. If you watch anger, lust, and greed all the time through media you are doing more harm to yourself. Surround yourself with happy and peaceful pictures of nature, spiritual leaders, or philanthropists. That’s why it’s said that a pregnant lady must always surround herself with pictures of happy babies. These happy pictures will make her happy. This way she will send positive energy to the fetus in the womb.
Transform the subtle energy around you and make your home and office a place full of positive energy. This will boost the energy of those around you. Hence, reduce conflicts & creates harmony in the atmosphere.

Let’s aim for an environment of peace and harmony this World Environment Day.

Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay