Experiencing God’s Power

Power in this mundane world comes with several shades of good and bad. We know that power corrupts. More often than not, a person in power is on a roller coaster ride rather than a smooth one. Power comes with a lot of limitations and burdens in this world. ‘Crown of thorns’ is an oft-used phrase for the plight of a person in power.

In this age when power and pelf have been the most influential factors that have caused moral degradation, violence, crime and suffering, very few would think of a benign or positive power. Yet the world bows with respect to the power that was manifested by saints, prophets and social reformers who used truth, peace and love to rule the hearts of millions of people.

The most powerful among all power icons is a being before whom even the most potent ones – the autocrats, emperors, tyrants, criminals, messiahs, prophets et al – bow. No matter how powerful a person is in his sphere of influence, he seeks power from the omnipotent God.

God’s power is incomparable. It is unconditional and unlimited. There are no strings attached to it. You can take as much power as long as you want from Him. It does not cost any material wealth or resources. God’s power liberates a soul from suffering. It removes burdens, relieves tension and cleans the impurities from within the soul.

On the one hand, God’s power purifies and purges the soul of all waste and negative, on the other hand it uplifts, elevates and empowers the soul with wisdom and virtues. A soul is filled with peace, joy, bliss and blessings. God’s power enables a soul to be good and do good under all circumstances. It gives divine insight, foresight and clarity to protect oneself from evil and spread the fragrance of virtues. A person who experiences God’s power radiates spiritual charm, conducts himself gracefully and achieves all tasks easily and effortlessly.

Human power can give us limited wisdom, success, wealth or support of some kind and at the most for one lifetime. But God’s power enables a soul to create the highest fortune for many lifetimes.

God is known as patit pawan – the purifier. By linking to Him, a soul regains his natural purity. God’s power enables a soul to live a truly happy life in Satyuga or Heaven created by God on earth. A pure soul enjoys long and healthy life free from disease blessed with unimaginable prosperity and sweet relationships. There is no suffering or dearth of anything for a soul blessed with God’s power for many births in Heaven.

Effectively, God’s power is such that it not only purifies human beings but also the entire nature and elements. The earth becomes bountiful and rich in Heaven and all elements work in harmony to serve the pure human beings. Nature will not create any upheaval or calamity in Heaven. All this happens due to God’s power.

When does God manifest His power? At the end of Kaliyuga (Iron Age). God recreates Heaven with the power of truth and non-violence. Shiva Jayanti is the commemoration of God’s divine task of creating Satyuga and destroying Kaliyuga. He enables the human souls to conquer the vices like lust, anger, greed and ego and to perform pure actions with the help of His wisdom and power. By becoming soul-conscious and by staying in His loving remembrance, human souls regain their spiritual power.

God’s power is the only means to combat the negativity in Iron Age. There are good souls in this world but they do not have the power to eradicate evil and make the world good. Negative forces spread easily and fast. Sin leads to suffering and enslaves the soul in the bondage of karmic burdens. In the course of the conflict with evil, human souls lose the will power to do good or they are helpless to do good and prevent evil from taking place.

God’s power frees us from struggling with evil and being defeated by it. His power insulates and empowers the soul from within constantly safeguarding and helping him to discern and destroy negative forces before they attack. God’s power cancels all karmic debts of human souls and completely eliminates negativity from the world. It brings an end to all human problems and suffering and re-establishes purity, peace and happiness on earth for a long period.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay