Living as an art

“Any normal action that takes on a special degree of attention, expression, finesse and value is an art – a high standard of doing things.” Purity magazine, April 2016

Living becomes art when every thought, word and action is an expression of spiritual fullness.

Artists spend years refining the small actions of their craft. Although a flawless performance appears effortless, mastery requires the consistent repetition of small efforts until they are refined to near-perfection.

Art requires mastery. Our lives are the same.

The quality of a life is the result of small actions consistently repeated day after day for years. This is how we learn to master the daily aspects of living in the world; in bodies and in relationships with others. We learn, we lead, we stay healthy, and we need to refresh ourselves in the physical world.

The expression of mastery is a reflection of ‘perfectly balanced actions’ that enable our life energy to be used for the self and others at the right time in the right way.

It is backstage, in the artist’s studio, that we discover and refine the subtle shifts of awareness and attitude that are required to generate the actions that make living an art. Our daily spiritual practice is the consistent repetition of these small energy refinements, these subtle shifts of awareness that infuse high-quality energy into every aspect of living, creating living art.

These subtle refinements are possible when we have God at the other end of a safety harness, holding us up above the turbulent, polarizing energies that swirl beneath us and within us as we attempt to master living now. Then, like a spinning top, we maintain perfect balance with our focus on the point (soul) and the Point (Supreme Soul). When the energy is right, a balanced action follows.

In astrological terms, sixteen celestial degrees refers to the moon when it is at its fullest. Seen from earth, the moon brightens the night sky as the sun illuminates its entire surface. The aim of Rajyoga, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, is to become full of virtues and positive energy. Pure spiritual energy fills every aspect of the ‘being’ when the darkness of the soul is released.

When the human soul is full, complete with all virtues, it shines like the full moon reflecting the light of the spiritual Sun (God) on its entire surface.

When every thought, word and action is filled with this highest spiritual energy, living becomes art.