Meditation enables us to help the world

Meditation shows me what I have to do for the world. It’s not so much my actions as the thought behind them that counts. I do need to act, but it is the purity and goodness in my actions that will make the world a better place. God gives me the strength to act in this way, with pure motivation.

Meditation teaches me a life of simplicity so that I am not draining the earth of its limited resources.

I learn how to use my own resources, including both physical and spiritual assets, in a worthwhile way.

As my link with God deepens, I feel I am earning a huge fortune in the spiritual sense, recovering my purity, creative power, and contentment. I sense that, unlike physical wealth, this is a fortune that will last into eternity.

Meditation gives me the power to follow a path of truth. It brings out shared aspects of human consciousness that are deep and true but become submerged beneath more shallow concerns.

It enables me to become a better person and to contribute that quality to human affairs. As people change in this way and come back to living by higher values, we can expect social systems and structures to change in that direction too, because it is human consciousness that gives rise to these systems.

My experience of God through meditation and the purification that occurs through this connection automatically serve the world around me as the quality of my thoughts, words, actions, and vibrations improves.

Among all the world’s troubles, one that is perhaps recognized as the most catastrophic is the destruction of the earth’s ecosystem. When human consciousness became separated from God, a process began in which we progressively lost respect for ourselves and the world around us.

We have been exploiting and violating nature, destroying the fragile ecosystem that supports life, and today there is a question about the future of the planet. Many feel helpless in the face of the forces that seem to be sweeping us further toward disaster.

Through meditation, we can help bring about renewal in nature. The problems are so great that it might seem our thoughts could never be more than a drop in the ocean. However, human consciousness created destructive forces, and now God needs us to align our consciousness with divine truth to restore order.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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