Purity determines our quality

The deities worshipped in temples are greatly revered, so much so that kings bow down at their feet, and the rich and famous supplicate before them for a little prasad – the devotional offering handed out to the faithful.

Why do they do that? What is it that the deities have and the devotees do not? It is purity.

On the path of spirituality, purity defines one’s personality and nobility. The degree of one’s purity can be discerned from one’s character and behaviour.

What makes a spiritual aspirant noble? Such a soul is never attracted to material things or other people. Trivial matters do not draw the attention of those of high rank: They have no desire to accept anything that belongs to someone else; their demeanour shows the assurance of being complete, and not wanting anything; their words are sweet and valuable, that is, they speak few but meaningful words, and those in contact with them cherish what they say. That is the nobility of worldly people; one with spiritual nobility is far more elevated.

Souls of such quality never look at the defects or weaknesses of others. They do not dwell on the flaws that another person is trying to be free of – shortcomings that have brought about the other person’s downfall.

Their thoughts will not go towards what belongs to others. Evil habits, traits, and weaknesses are unknown to these elevated souls. If such a soul acquires any weakness from others, they cannot be called a royal soul.

The words of souls who are spiritual and royal cannot cause sorrow – nor are they like stones that would cause someone to fall. They are not even ordinary or wasteful words, but words that are powerful and loving.

Another sign of such royal souls is that they are not verbose – instead of using fifty words to describe something in unnecessary detail, they use ten words to convey the essence.

Whoever comes in contact with such a soul experiences the qualities of a benefactor in them. Others find peace and solace in their company and feel that they have come to an angel.

When one reaches this level of purity, one becomes a source of succour for distressed people. The spiritual and royal qualities of such a soul help others forget their sorrows.

In a world where suffering is increasing, we can serve others adequately and quickly only when we have spiritually enriched ourselves to the extent that purity and nobility shine through our face. In our forehead others should see a pure, noble soul, and our eyes should convey the feeling of brotherhood.

Our elevated attitude should transform the atmosphere of any place. If celebrities can make a big impression, how impressive should be the personality of purity?

Can we empower weak souls through our pure consciousness? When we are merciful towards the self and others, we will become unconditionally loving and cooperative, and then others will see us as stars sparkling on earth.

Image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt from Pixabay