Nothing and no one can disturb me

Nothing and No One Can Disturb Me

The mind is at the centre of all experiences and thus it is the most important factor in determining the quality of life. Although we may talk of a world out there, in reality, the only world we can experience directly is in our own mind. But what is this thing we call mind that animates the body and means we are alive? I know that I must have a mind, for I perceive a distinct difference between my present state and that of a corpse, which is simply matter devoid of consciousness or mind. Is the mind my thoughts? Western culture is heavily influenced by the French philosopher Rene Descartes’ famous equivocation: “I think, therefore I am.” But what happens if I stop thinking—does my mind disappear? What of all the feelings, emotions, desires, and aspirations that are so powerful and yet undeniably transient? Where do they come from, how do they arise, and where do they go? 

The Thought- Manufacturing Machinery

The Buddha said that the mind in its original or fundamental state is radiant or brilliant. However, it becomes tarnished, so that the radiance is obscured by the defilements that arise in it. This tells us that the underlying nature of the mind is bright, still, silent, and peaceful. It is empty of all the multiplicity of thoughts and concepts. There is only a bright, vibrant state of knowing. On the other hand, the defilements are visitors that come and go—they are creations of the mind. 

Nature allows us to create anything—the good and the bad, the refined and the coarse, heaven and hell. But nature also allows us to create that which is good and beautiful. If we rise to the occasion by applying our mind in the right way, we can create compassionate, kind, and loving thoughts. In this case, the original radiance of the mind is also obscured, but by positive and wholesome creations. These thoughts and intentions lead to actions that are kind and benevolent, conducive to the wellbeing of oneself and others. Nature allows both possibilities. So, in the world we find both saints and monsters – people whose lives are a blessing to the world—and those who only live to bring misery and suffering. When we appreciate that the mind is the source of all that we create, then we will recognise the importance of meditation or mental cultivation.

Empowering The Self

Through the practice of meditation, we can empower ourselves by developing the mental qualities that allow us to shape our own destinies. These bad habits not being met? Can you face difficulties or do they make your face ugly with confusion and get wet clothes? When a test comes it will leave you either wiser or weak where you become even more sensitive to the touch of even a comment.

Touch Me Not

Many are fragile touch-me-not flowers that wilt as soon as the sun of happiness goes in as it gets blocked by a large problematic dark cloud. We now live in a world where most easily succumb to sorrow. Does an unpleasant comment stay with you all day where you cry so much that you need to change your wet clothes? If you laugh or cry your way through life, it will all hinge on how far and how deep you’ve studied and digested the 8 Godly powers within you and assimilated them to a high degree. This in turn will depend on how often you turned on your Godly TV (meditation) and focused on what you were watching through your third eye.

The Test Card Channel: is the last channel on God’s TV. Do you feel like switching off your TV when the Test Card Channel is playing? Many switch off at such a time when problems appear in their life that shuts out the light of laughter. God’s Channels show in vivid colour and in close-up, that every power and virtue will be needed by you if you want to overcome every difficulty that comes your way and tests you and if you can pass life’s many tests that are sure to keep coming, there will be a perfect you at the end.

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