Demonetisation of anger article

Demonetisation Of Anger

Demonetisation of currency by the government of India in 2016 was a crucial step with respect to black money in circulation, counterfeit and creation of cashless economy etc. Yet eminent personalities are analysing the pros and cons of this demonetisation at every panorama. It’s the situation of the Indian market. 

Simultaneously if we observe, humans also do dealings at mental level, it’s a huge business where we use mental currencies. These are certainly set by us and come forward from our ancestors, whom we all follow from our heart. When we go deep, we ascertain that love, happiness, peace, sadness, tranquillity etc., are the currencies which we use every second when we deal with each other at every level and in every relation.

The Epic Currency of Anger

One of the epic currencies we use in day-to-day activities is anger. Most interesting thing is people are determined that they cannot lead a regular happy life without using loud voices, irritation and anger. Anger is the most valuable currency which humans need to produce trusted results. We, the most intelligent mammals on earth, use the proverb, “rod is the logic of fools.” It’s high time we scrutinised our mental ledger system as we have been doing regular business with others in the form of feelings. Sometimes we feel happy, respectful, accepted, and confident; however, simultaneously we feel sad and panic, feel anxious, contrite etc.

Mental Double Checks

When we do business in the form of material, we do double checks and triple checks too; whether it’s good, branded or not, do I look fashionable in it or not, is it delicious or not.

But when we deal at the mental level, we admit anything instead of counting on the results. Little bit of introspection shows that when we use anger as a currency it creates rifts between relations, feelings of hatred for everyone which results in suffocation, we feel that we are not a part of this society or we want to go somewhere else. Sometimes this rage used at extreme level results in violence, crimes, even murder can ensue. This is the colour of trade with this currency at an external level with others, but when it comes to self it creates feelings of apprehension, loss, sadness, irritation, anxiety etc.

Physical Manifestation of Anger

At the physical level anger results in organ agitation, the brain shunts blood away from the gut and towards the muscles. Constant practice leads to increase in the level of catecholamine which leads to increased heart rate, respiration, perspiration, blood pressure elevation, headache, abdominal pain & excessive use could even result in stroke, heart attack;marvellous use of mental currency isn’t it?

Which Mental Currency Am I Using?

When we change or see anything happening in the market we go with the flow, in case of inflation we reduce expenditure. With improvement in the market, we enjoy the luxury. Monetisation and demonetisation of legal currency leads to warrant analysis, we often give our opinion. Irony is when it comes at a mental level no one wants to introspect which mental currency am I using, which is the most valuable currency I am depositing at my subconscious level. 

When we store anger or practise it regularly it becomes a precious part of our mind. As we secure money in physical banks, whenever we require that without any hesitation we withdraw the required amount, unfortunately this happens with the mind also. This long stored resentment which we have practised becomes our easily available resource. So, when we start to deal with others, we naturally use the currency of anger with everyone. Yet after all this we demand mental peace. Regrettably it’s not stored in my mental bank account; definitely I have to beg from others.

Deposits in The Mental Bank

The above explanation shows that if I need mental peace, I have to collect it in my mental ledger system, so I have to practise peace and all other desirable mental currencies which I need to withdraw from my mental bank in my life. In case I want to donate a sum, then I have to exercise more. A terrific life nowadays depends upon the amount of money in your bank account, also equally applicable to the mental bank account; whatever you collect in your mental bank your life reflects that. 

The use of this currency in the life of one on the path of transformation is popular though they are not using it directly, but in the form of irritation and detest. Consequently, it’s bringing many physical and psychological diseases; the aftereffect is guilt which is a self-consuming punishment, no easy way to come out of it. It’s high time that we change the stereotype that is anger. It can only help to carry out the work, in fact mental imagery, love, respect. Rajyoga meditation can help us achieve the wanted results.

Demonetise Anger and Monetise Love

Taking everything into consideration we believe that anger could produce better results, however it’s a counterfeit when we use this currency; it will create black money in the form of karmic accounts, which in future by all odds will bring pain to us and others also. This is the significant time when we need to demonetise anger and monetise love, respect in our mental ledger system.

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