Free from fear


     – B.K. Chirya Risely, USA

Essence:  Beyond fear – towards cheer!


This story explores how to be brave even when things are tough. It teaches us to focus on good things instead of bad ones, like seeing what’s great about others instead of their faults. By realising that we are stronger than our problems and connecting with our deeper, unchanging self, we learn to let go of fear and feel peaceful inside. It shows that when we don’t want too much, we worry less, and by understanding who we truly are, we can face life without being scared.

“Keep your face towards the sun and you won’t be bothered by shadows.” – Dadi Janki


We are all making an effort to become fearless and free from animosity, regardless of what is going on around us. When faced with problems, it can seem difficult to maintain inner cheer; the mind gets caught up with negativity, fear, or worry. The problem seems bigger than it is, and our ability to find solutions and work constructively weakens.

Peace Vs Fear- What’s my choice?

Where there is fear, there cannot be peace. If you want to become fearless, then stop all dislike or hatred. Do I have any dislike of anyone or still look at the weaknesses of others? When you look at the defects of others, those defects enter you. This wasteful thinking saps our energy and creates fear. To eliminate fear, practice looking only at the virtues and specialties of others.

Zero Wants

We sometimes experience fear due to dependency. We are taught to make our happiness dependent on some external event, condition, person, object, etc., and are afraid of losing it. All desire has fear built in, fear of not getting or losing it, even before your desire is fulfilled. If you want to be free of fear in life, free of stress, the secret is to want nothing, and then all you need arrives in your life at the right time, in the right way.

The Eternal Soul

Next time you are waiting for anything, notice what you desire! This will be a source of your tension or impatience. Since our physical life has no guarantee of its duration, remain fearless by remembering: This body is perishable, made of matter, and is constantly changing, but I the soul am imperishable. I will never die.

Dive Deep

For this, we need to go deeply into life’s most sacred questions, ‘who am I?’ and ‘whom do I belong to’? I am a soul. Do everything in total awareness of being a soul. Become aware that this deepest inner eternal life force is you, filled with divine qualities, separate from the body. This quality of stillness, always perfect and pure, fills the soul with an enriching experience of silence; there’s no space for fear.

Befriending Mr. Problem

I smile to myself now that I recognise a problem comes to play games with me and not to make me afraid. Becoming happy within, I know that every situation will pass and has something to teach me. “Whom do I belong to?” To truly remove fear, connect your mind to God. Our closest relationship is with God. When we connect the mind to God, thinking elevated things and feeling good, we create positive energy. This Godly wave of spirituality is now silently creating change and crafting the vision of changing hell into heaven. With new knowledge of soul to soul connection, we once again are able to see the virtues ourselves and in each other.

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