The power of positive attitude

The Power of Positive Attitude

There was once a businessman who became successful in his industry with hard work and determination. Thousands of people admired and respected him. Everyone would look up to him with a positive attitude. After some point in his career, his attitude towards growth started shifting, and he chose the wrong path, which raised doubts among the people, so they started avoiding him.

People who once celebrated his growth were now avoiding him during his failure. The world turned its back on him. Why did this businessman have to face rejection from people who were his cheerleaders? Did he lack anything? Did he commit a mistake? Not at all. But the world was like this for him. 

Why does attitude matter?

They say your attitude matters, so you must always nurture a positive attitude irrespective of people’s behaviour, situations, and places. But, let me ask you, are we able to always have a positive attitude towards everyone? Do you ever wonder what shifts our attitude? You might have noticed that our perception of people changes very easily. Let’s take an example where two people, A and B, are having a conversation with each other. In this conversation, B shares negative aspects of C with person A and goes away. Later that day, C approached A for some help, and as we can imagine, A declined because his perception of C was somewhat negative as a result of A’s influence.

Now, who do you think should be held accountable for A’s response? Obviously, B and his negative feedback about C changed A’s attitude towards C. We encounter such situations every day at offices, within families, and in our social circles, don’t we? This is why we need to remember that attitude matters because it is the foundation stone of all relationships.

Unbiased Attitude in Relationships

Our attitude towards a person is commonly based a lot on what we hear from others about him or her, as discussed above. On the other hand, a person who is determined to have a positive attitude will not let all that he hears influence him in any way. He will stay informed about a person and keep a balance between what he knows and what others are saying about the other person. This is because when we are playing a particular role in any sphere of life, it becomes important for us to be informed about everything about a person from other people’s perspectives too. This does not imply that we should gossip about the other person and indulge in discussions about him or her. This might not always be necessary because people occasionally provide negative feedback as well. But that’s also not true every time. Sometimes the feedback may sound correct, and other times it might not be so nice, while it may be important for you to know that piece of information about a particular person that you are receiving.

Using Power of Discrimination and Power of Judgement

At such times, using your power of discrimination and judgement will help us understand whether the information you are hearing is true or not because the other person may be incorrect or may purposely be lying because of his or her lack of discrimination and judgement power. Most of the time, we should avoid hearing anything negative about someone, and if the situation demands it, our state of mind should be powerful enough to not let anything affect us negatively. In other words, we must develop enough mental strength to never be disturbed by anything we hear, nor should we intend to spread anything negative about anyone to others. If you succeed in not getting influenced by hearing anything negative about anyone, you will notice that your behaviour towards the person will remain the same as earlier but more knowledgeful. Otherwise, negative influences will make you change your attitude towards the person and eventually spoil the relationship. 

Keeping a positive attitude, come what may

While listening to a piece of information, make it your habit to use your third eye, or the third ear, if you like to call it that. We normally use the words third eye or eye of wisdom. In the same way, the ear of wisdom means that while you listen to something about a person with your physical ears, use this third ear to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. This simply means that we need to emerge our spiritual wisdom when we hear anything negative. The spiritual wisdom in this case implies our understanding of the Law of Karma (action)

The Law of Karma states that every action on a spiritual level causes similar reactions or life situations coming back to us, or, in simpler words, that everything we see and experience is our own creation. A positive action will bring positive life situations back to us, and a negative action will bring a negative life situation back to us. The two ears will listen physically, but the third ear will filter the information through the Law of Karma. When we do this, it will become obvious for all of us to keep a positive attitude towards the person we have heard negative information about and not withdraw our love and regard for them. Let’s discover the two ways to put this into practice:

  • Remain uninfluenced by negative energies

To be able to remain uninfluenced by negative energies, we must fuel ourselves with eight powers. These 8 powers, which are identified as power to tolerate, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to pack up, power to withdraw, power to accommodate, power to face, and power to cooperate, will help us remain calm and stable in any situation. When you continue to apply these eight powers, you will be able to do the right thing at the right time and resolve the problem without hurting anyone’s sentiments on a physical or subtle level of mental energy. 

  • Cultivating good wishes for everyone

When you begin to meditate and fuel yourself with spiritual wisdom, you have a responsibility to cultivate good wishes for everyone around you, continue to eliminate waste or negative thoughts, and maintain a positive environment at your workplace or at home. To do that, you should spread good and positive information about everyone, including the person who may have made a mistake and the one who complained about him. Lastly, remember that our original qualities include peace, power, love, joy, bliss, purity, and truth. Therefore, always look at everyone’s original qualities and avoid looking at people through the filters of negative, weaknesses or wasteful thoughts or feelings. This will sweeten your relationships and make your life beautiful. 

Hence, this blog helps us reflect on how our attitude matters; that enables us to always prioritise our energies and keep them simple, pure, and positive.

Summary :

Why does your attitude matter?

Your attitude matters because it impacts your relationships with others. A negative attitude can push people away, while a positive one draws them closer.

A negative attitude can strain relationships by making you critical, impatient, and unkind. It creates an unhealthy environment that breeds negativity.

Our attitudes can change based on what we hear from others. If we hear negative things about someone, it may shift our attitude and perception of them negatively.

Wisdom helps us discern truth and keep perspective. It prevents us from being swayed by others’ negativity. Wisdom is key to maintaining positive attitudes.

The law of karma reminds us that we reap what we sow. Our own actions determine our fate, so we should act positively regardless of others’ actions.

The 8 powers are: to tolerate, discriminate, judge, pack up, withdraw, accommodate, face issues, and cooperate. Using these creates resilience.

Use your “third ear” of wisdom when hearing negatives. Remind yourself of spiritual principles. Focus on others’ good core qualities.

Meditate, fuel yourself with spiritual wisdom, and spread positivity. See others’ original goodness and avoid negativity.

Qualities like peace, love, joy, bliss, purity, and truth are within us all. Seeing this innate goodness positively shapes our attitudes.

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