Wake-Up Call For A World In Transition

Kathua and Unnao, towns in J&K and UP respectively, in the news for horrific incidents of child rape and murder, have come to symbolise a breakdown in social values, ethics and morals.

The world is waking up to disturbing news reports of women and child abuse, rape and brutalization of victims. The effect these incidents have on us ranges from invoking feelings of intense outrage, despair, anger, sadness and helplessness, raising fundamental questions about where we are headed as a civilization. Who is responsible for what is happening? Who should protect and heal the world?

As we point fingers at political, cultural, religious or social scenarios, we need to question our share of responsibility: “Have I not contributed to the turmoil? What is my role in creating a happy and peaceful world?” The suspect is closer than we think: Our intentions, thoughts, feelings, words and behaviours radiate to the environment as emotional vibrational frequencies. Today most of us are experiencing unhealthy emotions like stress, aggression, resentment and fear, implying that we are at a low frequency.

When we radiate our personal vibrational frequency, it becomes a part of the Collective Global Vibrational Frequency. The world is gripped with civil unrest, political instability, poverty, healthcare challenges and human rights issues, which means the global vibrational frequency is visibly dropping. This is evidence of how all our Individual Vibrational Frequencies have contributed to lowering the Global Vibrational Frequency.

Ask yourself: Do I radiate unhealthy emotions? My single thought of lust contributes to lust in the world. Whenever I get angry, I raise aggression in the world. By competing or comparing, I increase greed in the world. The bottom-line is, when I radiate my low frequency vibrations to the world, I contribute to its decline.

The world-shift and I: The sum total of all our Individual Vibrational Frequencies forms the Global Vibrational Frequency. When I choose love over lust, peace over anger, compassion over hatred and happiness over fear, this shift in me will shift the world. Am I ready to raise my vibrations?

Low vibrational frequencies lurking within: Every personal or global issue which needs to be addressed today is an offshoot of the five lowest frequencies — kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar, that is lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Let us check the frequency at which our thoughts and feelings vibrate.

Lust: Are the messages I receive or share on social media, the humour I enjoy, the cinema I watch, the books I read, conversations I engage in, loaded with lust? When I present myself to the world, do I intend to be graceful or desire to look attractive? Does physical beauty appeal more to me than inner beauty? I raise my vibrations. Cleansing my mind, maintaining purity and love in my natural way of thinking, I make my contribution to eradicate rape and abuse from the world.

Anger: Do I expect people and situations to be my way? Do I react with irritation and anger when they are not? Just like statutory ‘No Smoking’ regulations, let us create ‘No Anger’ zones at home, workplaces and public places. I raise my vibrations. Choosing Patience and Empathy when people are not my way, I make my contribution to finish violence and terror in the world.

Greed: Is greed urging me to compare and compete? Am I jealous when other people are successful? To get ahead, have I compromised on my principles? Do I share what I have and what I know? I raise my vibrations. Shifting to cooperation, using ethical practices even in the face of resistance, I make my contribution to eradicate corruption from the world.

Attachment: Do people’s emotions affect me? Do I get hurt when they are rude? Am I upset if they are disappointed? We become emotionally dependent when our mind is attached to someone. When detached, we remain stable even when family and friends are emotionally disturbed. I raise my vibrations. Releasing past hurt, forgiving people and remaining stable even in crisis, I make my contribution to heal grief and suffering in the world.

Ego: Who am I? Am I identifying myself on the basis of my nationality, caste, qualification, position, possessions, achievements and gender? Do I feel superior or inferior to people? I raise my vibrations. Connecting to people for the Pure Beings they are and not for what they have acquired, I make my contribution to heal the social and religious intolerance in the world.

Raise your vibrational frequency. Follow these eight simple lifestyle changes to create the shift:

● We are what we read, watch and listen. Avoid reading newspapers and watching news channels first thing in the morning. Begin the day with 20 minutes of consuming a healthy emotional diet of spiritual or self-transformation messages. Meditation and yoga practices enhance emotional health.
● Detox from social media by deleting even without reading, messages of bias, criticism or jokes showing someone in poor light.
● In the middle of everyday chaos, avoid slipping to lower frequencies. Pause for 1 minute after every 59 minutes, withdraw from your activity and observe your thoughts. Create the shift from busy to easy, stress to relaxation, worry to confidence.
● Refrain from discussing or judging people’s habits. Thinking, talking or listening about other people’s weaknesses, cause our frequency level to drop.
● Food carries vibrational energy and influences the mind before it nourishes the body. Meditating or praying while cooking and partaking food makes it saatvik (with high vibrations). Taamsik food carries low frequency vibrations of hatred, pain, anger, fear and death.
● Earn money through rightful means. Clients, employers and co-workers should be comfortable and contented working with us. Creating high standards of work ethics raises the vibrations of the money we earn. This vibration influences the emotional and physical health of our entire family.
● Prioritise values and principles, over assets and achievements. Teach children the same.
● Before going to sleep, resolve issues that are on your mind. Forgive, let go of past hurt. Meditate and fill the mind with words of peace, respect and compassion. When we sleep peacefully, we radiate vibrations of peace to the world even during sleep.

Be the change to begin the change: When I stand up for ethics, the world changes. When I use peace, the world changes. When I am compassionate, the world changes. When I change, the world changes — Sanskar Parivartan Se Sansar Parivartan. I shift myself and thereby shift the world from Kali Yuga to Sat Yuga, where peace is the religion; love is the language; truth is in action; unity is the culture, and happiness is a way of life.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels