The Danger Of Perceptions

Over a period of time, water freezes and forms ice cubes when kept in an ice tray. Similarly, perceptions of different people and events take a rigid form with time.

These rigid perceptions keep coming up to the surface of your consciousness. You shape your thoughts, words, and actions based on these perceptions.

These rigid or frozen perceptions sometimes never liquefy in your entire lifetime. They become your beliefs. These limiting beliefs stop you from seeing situations from the other’s perspective. This is one of the greatest harms, these limiting beliefs do.

Let’s say two people look at the same painting from two different points in a room. Person A describes what she sees and how the painting looks to her. Then person B describes how the painting looks to her. Both perceptions are bound to be different to an extent.

They are different because both the persons look from different angles/points. So who has the right view? Neither. But what both of them see is right from their point of view.

Let’s take another example: Anita from your workplace. You’ve seen her over a period of time. But, you’ve seen her from a certain point of view. And, you perceive her to be inefficient. Bringing this perception into your consciousness repeatedly, took the form of a belief. This belief may or may not be correct.

Say that three other people have seen Anita from different points of view. They see her as efficient. They come and share their different but positive perceptions with you. You won’t agree with them and disrespect their perceptions. This is because you have frozen perceptions are unable to hear or empathize with them. You can’t see from others’ point of view.

So, it’s crucial to be aware of your belief system which is nothing else but your frozen perception. And then check the impact it can create on yourself and on others.