The Importance of Having Good Wishes

Good wishes, it is said, have the power to cool down burning situations. They keep the mind calm in challenging situations and touch the hearts of others, inducing positive feelings and a like response. Often we do not have good wishes for others because we are ignorant of their value. Good wishes help to end ill will between people and bring us cooperation and love from others. In addition, they aid our spiritual progress by saving us from negative thinking.

The phrase, ‘you reap what you sow’, sums up the benefit of having good wishes—if you think good of others, the return will eventually be good. When someone criticises or insults you, you may be able to have good wishes for them if you understand why they are doing that, but how do you receive good wishes from them? At that time, if you remember that they have lost their composure and are not in control of themselves, you will feel sorry for them, and also realise that the best response is to remain peaceful. The other person will sense that peace and be thankful for it, even if they do not say so. But first one has to have good wishes for the self. The way to do that is to be content – appreciate all that one has and be happy about it. For contentment, one also has to live by certain principles, as otherwise there will be the gnawing feeling that one is bad, or not good enough. The resulting despondency and low self-esteem can rob one of strength and happiness and will lead to nowhere.

On the other hand, the higher the principles one lives by, the more content, happy and hopeful one will be. Going a step further, when we are grateful for everything we have, not taking our good fortune for granted, we earn good wishes from God, which smooth the journey of life. On reflection we realise there is a lot in our life that calls for gratitude, but which we take casually. Gratitude teaches us to value even small things and share them with others, which earns us their good wishes. Finally, it is important to have good wishes for nature, which provides us so much, and our body, which is made of the five elements. Appreciating nature’s gifts and serving nature create a bond with the five elements that enriches our life. Having good wishes for the body is to give thanks for how it enables us to work and serve. In return, the body will remain active. This is not wishful thinking. A positive attitude triggers a beneficial hormonal response, which helps to keep the mind and body healthy. The more we use the body to serve others, the longer it will remain healthy.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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