Unwrapping the divine lessons of christmas

Unwrapping the Divine Lessons of Christmas

Christmas, as we know it today, signifies the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one. This is the time when some people close up projects, settle accounts, do annual cleaning, and look forward to a festive time.

The Real Significance

Others reflect on the real significance, which is the coming of Christ almost 2000 years ago. This event was so auspicious that even the calendar paused to show the change from Before Christ (BC) to After Christ [Anno Domini (AD)]. What a massive transformation! Yet today, we make all the necessary physical arrangements to enjoy the celebration but forgetfully ignore the true spiritual significance of Christmas.

The Conquest of Virtues Over Vices

Christ represented the conquest of virtues over vices. He brought divinity, and his lifestyle demonstrated significant values, reflecting the purity of a higher and more elevated civilisation. He left a legacy that transformed into a single formidable religion and now witnesses its innumerable branches.

He had true love for humanity, while today’s world thrives on fear and violence that can lead to the destruction and annihilation of this planet. The problems exist in places even where Christianity reigned supreme. He lived a life of humility; yet today, we are slowly drowning in the sea of arrogance. Our intellects have changed from diamond to stone. Where did we go wrong, and how did we get derailed from the highway of heaven into the potholed, dirty tracks of hell?

The “Christmas Father”

Let us pause and reflect on the legend of the “Christmas Father” that we have now commercialised into “Santa Claus.” The story says he came dashing through the snow on a sleigh packed with gifts, drawn by Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, and eight others. It is said that he arrives at the darkest hour of the night and climbs down a blackened chimney to place gifts into stockings and under the Christmas tree. Then, he sneaks out without being seen.

Why would anyone bearing gifts of good tidings want to go through this torture only to be kind? Why would he not want to be seen? Some interpret this to mean that the good old “Christmas Father” is no one but God, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Father of all human souls, who are His spiritual children.

Rudolph’s red nose represents red light

The reason is that Rev. 3.3 says, “No man knows what time and hour God would come to free His children from the bondage of the vices.” The Gita (Ch. 4 V.7) says, “God descends when irreligiousness and lawlessness are rampant in the world.” Rudolph’s red nose represents red light, and many religions and cultures believe that God is Light (Ru as in Rudolph is the Urdu/Arabic word that means ‘soul’ just as Ruhani means ‘spiritual’). The eight other reindeer are symbolic of the instruments that assisted in the purification of the world.

The gifts that X-mas Father brought were nothing but the teachings of divine values and virtues. The Christmas Tree represents the genealogical world human tree. Each branch of the tree represents a major religion, and the twigs represent the breaking up of the major religions into its breakaway fractions. The leaves of the tree represent the population (human souls) at the corresponding time in the cycle.

The Symbolism

The small-coloured lights represent the religious leaders in different bodily costumes. The fewer bigger lights represent the elevated prophet souls that came from time to time to sprinkle divine knowledge that simmered the barbarism and unrighteousness. The blackened soothed chimney describes the present condition of the world that is full of irreligiousness and unrighteousness, impurity, robbery and violence. A world that was once elevated has now become completely degraded.

The Descent of God

This is why it is said that God comes in the darkness of night, for the darkness of night represents ignorance and immorality. It is at this time that He incarnates and descends upon the earth to destroy the vices and purify His prodigal spiritual children by teaching them divine knowledge.

The Godly Gifts 

Inculcation of these divine virtues creates an armour against the harmful vices. These divine virtues are the gifts of good tidings, which He bestows on them. When the children wake up on Christmas morning to the flourish of the gifts, it signifies the glorification in the time of Christ, representing world transformation through the transformation of human souls and hailing of a new golden era of peace, purity, prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness.

Let us, this season, practise the values and virtues that Christ brought and taught and see if we can get caught in that spirit of giving and doing selfless service. Sacrifice the vices of anger, greed, ego, lust, and attachment on the cross of Christ and burn them in the sacrificial fire.

The Unlimited Inheritance of Peace and Happiness

Remember that God, the Supreme Father, never gives His children crosses heavier than they can bear. Also remember Abraham, who introduced spiritual law; Buddha, who demonstrated service and duty; Christ, who walked with love, and Mohammed, who brought peace; but the Supreme Almighty Authority, the Highest on High Father, gave all His children the unlimited inheritance of peace and happiness in the Kingdom of Paradise.

So, for this Christmas, let us dance and waltz to the tune of the spiritual knowledge and divine music of the Supreme Master.

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