Less Known Facts About Exercising

Exercise is a very important part of your lifestyle. It is not an option. It is a must for all.

Exercise is a great way to detox

Why should you exercise?
If you want to become an athlete, a bodybuilder, or participate in the Olympics your aim to exercise is different. But for an ordinary human being the aim is to feel energetic, remain healthy, and have a fit body.

There are about 37.2 trillion cells in the body. Every second there are millions of reactions going on in them.

Toxins are entering this body from food, air, and water. They get washed through these chemical reactions. However, there are some toxins that are left in the body. Exercise releases these toxins and cleanses the body.

Sunrise and sunset are the best time to exercise
You must have heard that you can exercise any time during the day. Let’s explore it further.

What is required to burn anything? Oxygen. Similarly to wash the toxins you need oxygen. Oxidation washes the harmful chemicals. Greater the amount of oxygen inside the body better the cleansing.

So, it makes sense to exercise when the oxygen content is maximum. It has been found that oxygen in the atmosphere is highest for up to 1 hour after sunrise. This is the best time to exercise. However, this may not be possible all the time. The amount of oxygen is quite high for about 3 hours after sunrise. This is your next best option.

Just like you clean your house in the morning and evening you must clean your body twice a day.

45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening
The duration of exercise in the morning should be greater than in the evening.

Evening exercise should be moderate. Not as intense as the morning exercise.

This is because the amount of oxygen in the evening has reduced.

Creating a second workout ritual later in your day will give you so much more energy each evening, relax you with your loved ones, minimize the dangerous effects of stress, deliver a deeper sleep and even reduce your cravings later in the night

Clean your body before you exercise
Many people exercise or walk without clearing their bowels. This doesn’t help much.

The small intestines digest food and absorb the nutrients. The food (mixture) is then sent to the large intestine for further absorption and then excretion. The waste material is full of toxins is lying in the rectum to be excreted.

When you exercise your blood flow increases. If you exercise without excreting this increased blood flow will carry the toxins back to the body.

All that the body had collected to throw out, methane, sulfur dioxide, and many other poisonous gases will get back to the body. So, exercising without cleaning your bowels is doing more harm than good.

So, wake up and first clean your bowels.

Then bathe. This will open the pores of your sweat glands. Else they will remain closed. These open pores will release toxins through sweat when you exercise.

Walking is the best form of exercise
Walking is the queen of all exercises. It can be done by all. Young, old, healthy, or sick.

Youth and children can run or jog instead. You can also play games such as badminton, football, hockey, etc. Make sports a part of your daily life.

How to walk?
How do you clean a dirty car? If you keep pouring buckets of water it will not help much. You need to clean it with a jet. Jet adds pressure and cleans the dirt. Similarly when you exercise or walk it needs to be faster than your routine.

How to begin your walk?
Before driving your car you spend a few seconds starting it. Similarly, spend a few seconds doing the following.

Bring your awareness to the center of the forehead.
Create a thought – ‘I the soul, am sending the energy of peace, purity, power, happiness, and love to the trillions of cells in this body’. From me the soul this energy is going to all the cells’.
Spend 30 seconds in this awareness.
Inhale deeply and fill yourself with oxygen. Your stomach should bloat like a balloon.
Exhale slowly. Now your body is full of oxygen.
Take about 5 to 7 such breaths.
Now you can start walking or exercising.
When you drive a car you increase the speed slowly. Your first drive on first gear, then second and then third or fourth and you maintain the speed.

Similarly, spend 5 minutes warming up, that is walk slowly.

Then 35 minutes of maintenance period where you walk at a constant speed.

When you have to stop a car you slowly reduce the speed, change the gear to third then second and then stop the car. This keeps the car healthy. Similarly, after the maintenance period, you spend about 5 minutes cooling down. To slow down the body. This keeps the body healthy.

Speed of walking
Aim for about 110 to 120 steps per minute. Maintain this speed for about 30 – 35 minutes. This will wash your toxins and keep you fresh all day.

In the evening before sunset or during sunset just stroll. About 90 to 100 steps.

Create positive thoughts while walking
It is important to walk in a soul-conscious state and generate healthy thoughts. Thoughts that you created before beginning your walk. Such positive thoughts will not tire you out.

In CAD programs at Brahma Kumaris headquarters, we come across patients with all three arteries blocked. Unable to walk even 10 steps. They are taught and practiced soul consciousness for a day or two. After this, they are able to walk up to 2 km without any pain.

It’s all scientific. There are collateral vessels beside your arteries. Suppose the coronary arteries are 100% blocked. When the patient walks in a peaceful and loveful state the collaterals enlarge and become active. The blocked artery is bypassed and blood starts flowing through the collateral. There will be no pain.

Soul consciousness promotes positive thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and memories (TEAM). This helps release endorphins. These are natural pain killers for any physical ailment be it knee pain, back pain, etc.

Many people are just not able to walk. When you are soul-conscious you feel happy and your heart is full of love. Where there is love and happiness there is enthusiasm. And this enthusiasm gives energy to the legs.

So, whatever be the ailment. make sure you exercise in a soul-conscious state and you will find your energy levels boost.

In the evening while strolling, ponder over the day. Talk to yourself. Do self-analysis as well and check how the day went or practice soul consciousness again. Don’t get critical or repent. Just analysis.

Precautions while walking
Many people talk as they walk. This is not a good practice. Don’t mix walking and talking. This is because when you talk and walk your lungs do not get enough oxygen. The blood which is not carrying enough oxygen will flow to the heart. So, the heart will not get enough oxygen.

Deep breaths are important for the heart to function properly. The more peaceful you are the deeper your breath. The deeper the breath the better it is for the heart.

Remember a good driver can drive even an old worn-out car. And a bad driver can even spoil a new car. To become a good driver of this body. Drive this body properly by first understanding its physiology. It does not matter if you are even 60 years old. If you know how to drive your car (the body) you will sail through.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay