Treasures of thoughts and time

Treasures of Thoughts and Time

Can you recall a moment or an experience that transformed your life and reshaped you as a person? It was just a matter of seconds.

We are living in a world where certainty is a myth and uncertainty is a reality which brings us to our roots, THOUGHTS and TIME. Thoughts are the primary basis for the present time. The task of the mind is to create thoughts. You have the power to create only what is worthwhile to be in your mind and life. Let there be deep, fervent interest in using time and everything in a worthwhile way. Do not waste even a second and have as much attainment as you want. Merge the past and remain in the present, and you will understand what to do for the future.

Inner Empowerment

According to the present time, anything can happen at any time. So, it’s necessary to pay attention to our inner self. Empower your mind in such a way that you can put a full stop within a second to all the waste thoughts we create unconsciously. A full stop at the end of a sentence is also a point. A second is also a point. You are also a point of light. An easy way to calm your mind is to visualise yourself as a point of light at the centre of your forehead and remain stable in a carefree stage with no worries. Give your worries to the Supreme God Father and he will give you the gift of spiritual power, light and might. 

Practice staying in the awareness of the sparkling light visible on your forehead, and anyone who interacts with you upon witnessing your sparkling light will have love for you and will also experience lightness. But if you are worried, it is certain that you are carrying a basket of burdens on your shoulders. You are trying really hard to put a full stop but instead, you have a basket of question marks of how? what? when? on your head! So, what do you think is the easiest way of letting go? 

The Father is there to take your worries away. To transform habits of worry, it is essential to convert thoughts of ‘mine’ into ‘yours’ which means give all your worries to GOD Father and experience peace of mind, this is how mine (mera) becomes yours (tera); in Hindi, it is just a difference of one letter.

Embracing Clarity, Action, and Peace

By connecting with the One up above who is the Truth, we draw that energy down into us and have good mental conduct to perform good actions, not as a duty but out of pure feelings of love and regard. As we understand what waste exactly signifies and also realise that worries and negative energies are doing no good to us but rather rob us of our hope, it becomes easy for us to hand over limited thoughts of ‘mine’ to the Father and become ‘carefree’.

Take a look at the quality of your life. Focus more on performing your actions well, rather than just talking about it and not bringing it into action. Keep your life and thoughts simple, and use your time well. Keeping our minds and intellect free from waste thoughts and becoming samples for all around you is the best present we can give to the self, to God and to the world. Wherever we are right now, it is our duty to create an atmosphere that radiates peace in the world.

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