Why Meditation?

Every human being yearns for peace and happiness. These two states of mind have little to do with gross objects. There is another experience, which is the highest, and is independent of worldly objects and senses – that of bliss. Bliss is something for which a person should practice meditation.

Bliss or super-sensuous joy enables a person to break the shackles of damaging habits and addictions. It is so rewarding and ennobling an experience that nothing demoniacal can stand in its way.

Yoga enables man to experience deep relaxation. A person who practices meditation, or a yogi, does not have worries, fears, or spoil relations. Relaxation makes him calm and enables him to take decisions without any tension, undue haste or pressure.
Further, yoga or meditation brings about behavioral transformation without any therapy. Thoughts created in meditation perform mental surgery whereby positive virtues get implanted in place of negative traits. The outlook changes and bad habits loosen their grip. One’s energy is then used for useful and constructive work.

This brings about an overall enhancement in personality. Shyness is replaced by confidence and a dull, dreary, and stiff person becomes sociable and develops charming manners.

All of these changes go a long way in improving relationships. One is able to put up with all sorts of people and remain unprovoked. One does not mind small things and laughs them away instead of taking offense. Such a nature ultimately leads to health and happiness.

Yoga also enables a person to experience divine love, which comes only from God, the soul’s mother, father, friend, savior, and sweetheart. This love plays a melody on the strings of the mind that enraptures the soul. It is better experienced than described.

Last but not the least, Rajyoga enables a person to control his mind and economies on thoughts. One is freed from purposeless and negative thoughts. In short, it can be said that meditation brings fulfillment in life.

By the practice of meditation, a person can be in harmony with nature, at peace with the self, in concord with others, and in accord with the Creator. The mind is not in conflict with the intellect and one’s actions neither harm nature nor contravene God’s injunctions.

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay