Why success comes easily to some people

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but those who achieve success are not all alike. They can be classified into three types: the stars of success, the lucky ones, and the hopeful ones.

The stars shine brighter than the others by virtue of their determination that they will definitely succeed. They do not speculate about their chances of success – not even in their dreams – and have 100 per cent faith that their success is guaranteed.

The confidence arising from this faith, which is founded on their faith in goodness, is visible in their demeanour. At the same time, they are free of arrogance.

The powerful personality and words of such persons inspire faith in weaker souls, and their actions provide guidance to others. They teach others with their deeds.

Such persons are content with themselves, because of which they remain happy. They do not need to make any effort to be happy, but experience happiness naturally, always.

Others also feel content with these stars, who embody success. The cheerfulness of these souls serves other people by relieving their sorrow and confusion and making them happy.

Just as someone standing in the sun can feel the light and warmth of its rays, those who know such stars of success receive the rays of happiness that radiate from them, and they are gradually coloured by their company.

What about the lucky ones? Such people like to be good and are sweet and loving. Their thoughts are not powerful, but since they are loving they receive cooperation, which helps them achieve a lot with little effort.

While those who are the embodiment of success feel that their victory is guaranteed, the lucky ones say, “I understand this, it will definitely happen, God will help”. They are not certain about their success, but believe it will be achieved somehow.

The third category is of the hopeful ones. Because of not being successful all the time, such souls only have the hope that they will do something, reach their destination, or become something. But damaging habits or traits hamper souls who lack full determination from achieving their goals.

They are distracted from their aim by their attachments, desires and conflicts, because of which they stop making progress or get trapped in something and even become disheartened.

Facing many kinds of obstacles, they are sometimes courageous and at other times afraid. They are neither constantly happy nor content all the time, but they never lose hope.

The way to become an embodiment of success is to have good wishes for everyone. Even when someone deliberately troubles you, if you have good wishes and pure feelings in your thoughts, words and deeds, you will avoid conflict and all the wasteful and negative thinking it causes.

Saved from damaging thoughts that drain the soul’s energy, you will remain powerful, and your good feelings will invite the cooperation and blessings of others. All this will bring easy success.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay