Illustration of a serene countryside with rolling hills, a rustic farmhouse, and a winding river, symbolizing a peaceful life beyond the glitz and glam of urban hustle and bustle.

Life beyond Glitz and Glam

In the present day world, which is permeated by the glitz and glam of today’s world, when a person, by his act of manipulation, his political manoeuvres, manipulations, intrigues and unwillingness to compromise, and by his subtle craftiness, and also, of course, by some of his good qualities rise to a very high political position, people start congratulating him and begin to praise him highly. This man who was once deemed corrupt and exhibited questionable character traits is now being garlanded and showered with praises and recognition as if he has done something great.

The Evolution of Power 

In some European countries where there was a monarchy in the 18th, 19th and early part of the 20th century, a famous dictum said about the king: “A king never does any wrong”. The idea was that a king got his commission straight from God, and, therefore, he was exempt from the moral sanctions that were binding upon everybody else. The moral character of his acts was not open to question by anyone. He might do whatever he likes – lie, steal, cheat, commit all sorts of oppressions, riots, adulteries, murders – and, as we say, get away with it under the special moral sanction that the king can do no wrong.

We have now, pretty generally, got rid of kings and substituted a system of parliaments and politicians, who administer what we call the state; and we also believe that they are not answerable to the moral standards set for other people and can do no wrong. A political leader thinks of himself as a king despite being involved in numerous illicit acts before occupying ‘the throne’! 

This man now has all the glitz and glam. He has all the paraphernalia of a very important and powerful man.

  • He has security guards, servants, a multitude of officers, and bureaucrats at his command.
  • He is at the centre of the stage focused in the limelight. 
  • Newspapers and magazines publish his photographs while the digital media give the most comprehensive coverage to the events related to him.
  • He is now being paid close attention and treated respectfully. 

On one hand, many people feel awe struck when they think of his authority while others push their way through the crowds to get a close look at him and many others want to be photographed with him. The majority population in the society often seems impressed by his power and feels honoured to be in his presence. Such is the nature of political power that attracts many flatterers and yes-men towards itself because they want to extract some benefits, directly or indirectly, from the man in power.

This is the case with businesses too. A person may become a great businessman by engaging in unethical business practices such as trade malpractices, befooling, befriending or greasing the income tax, sales tax and customs authorities, defrauding the customer or by adopting short-cuts and shady quick ways to prosperity. He also enjoys a life of glitz and glam. He has the power of money, and authority over a great workforce and a large number of executive personnel, owns a mansion, and has all the comforts of life. The black spots also get covered by the coat of money he puts on.

The same can be said for administrators and others who rise to positions of great power. People hardly notice the vile and vicious acts they adopted to reach the present position. They get easily influenced by the glory surrounding the man and are carried away by the glitz and glam.

Choose the Path Less Travelled

Deluded by this, people often say: “Those, who walk in evil ways are highly rewarded, whereas those, who follow the path of righteousness, are left behind and suffer in many ways.” So, they question, “Why should, then, we also take to what are known as evil ways?” 

Such people, in reality, fail to understand the fact that those who choose evil ways have only a short-lived life of comfort, possessions and fame. This is the show of a mere delusion because, deep inside such people do not experience real peace, solace and satisfaction. They live in fear; their private life is different from their public life in many ways. They carry a heavy burden of their sins on their backs, so, how can they feel easy in comfortable cars and cushioned chairs? 

Compared to them, people who follow moral principles in business or politics are way better than those who don’t, even though they are a step or a mile behind others. However, not all businessmen and politicians are dishonest or possess dubious characters, but are more in line with their conscience.

So, do not get impressed by the outer glitz and glam of the world but have an insight into one’s life. One will then be able to see that peace and happiness dwell in the life of a person with a sense of morality and purity.

What is the core message of the blog "Life Beyond the Glitz and Glam"?

The blog emphasises that true peace and happiness are found in individuals who maintain a sense of morality and purity in their lives, despite the allure of external appearances.

Look beyond the external appearances of success and recognize that true happiness and contentment come from living a life guided by moral values and principles

The blog discusses how modern societies have shifted from monarchy to parliamentary systems. It explores how politicians often consider themselves kings despite engaging in unethical acts before assuming power, enjoying the trappings of authority and recognition.

It discusses how some people question the moral path, believing that those who engage in unethical behaviour get highly rewarded while those who uphold ethical principles are left behind and suffer.

It encourages readers to look beyond external appearances and consider the importance of moral values and purity in their actions as the true sources of contentment and happiness.

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