Spiritual Energy Does Wonders

Spiritual Energy Does Wonders

Spirituality means I, the soul, an eternal being of light, bring my original qualities into action in everyday life activities.

Spirituality is not separate from our daily lives.

It is a study of spiritual principles that teach us how to think, work, and live a balanced life. Spiritual knowledge helps us explore the pathway to a refreshed life and experience success as we continue to excel. One cannot begin this journey unless they are seated in the vehicle of spiritual knowledge. 

A common myth exists that someone practising spirituality gets disconnected from the world, has to distance themselves from people, discard responsibilities, and meditate all day. Spirituality is not about doing something or becoming someone. It is about being the embodiment of our eternal self—peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power, and wisdom. These are the innate qualities of every soul, the most valuable resource in our possession, located right beneath the eyes within the brain. Spirituality is all about recovering these qualities and bringing them to life as we interact with people and work towards our goals but making sure that every thought, word, and deed is centred around the awareness of the self and everyone else around us as an eternal identity of being a soul, separate from the body and the brain. Spirituality means I, the soul, an eternal being of light, bring my original qualities into action in everyday life activities.

Recognize, Use and Be this valuable resource

This spiritual consciousness empowers us to nurture the soul daily through meditation and spiritual study. Cook and Eat in a meditative state of mind and have ethical ways of working that energise the soul. Being spiritual means treasuring every moment you have. Time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift-it’s called the Present. Always choose peace and you will see the rest flourishing in the soul when you learn the art of slowing down your thoughts and creating moments of silence in your mind.

Spirituality also means to meditate or take out one hour early in the morning to charge the soul battery with a supreme source of power and fuel it with Godly wisdom and goodness, and then use that power throughout the day in every activity. God is the most complete and perfect personality that exists, but not a physical personality, a spiritual one. God is one personality without any weaknesses, and no one else is more special and filled with virtues than our Supreme God Father. This is why we can say that he is a living energy, a personality, who is remembered and loved the most by each and everyone all over the world in various names and forms.

Spiritual energy is a dynamic force that does wonders. 

Experience the beauty of “Karankaravanhar, i.e. I am God’s instrument and God is getting everything done through me”. Discover the relationship and language of the Supreme and experience life with your third eye and be willing to experience the impact of being in God’s company, how he helps us maintain our inner stage, paints us with virtues and powers and takes us beyond the concerns of this world. When we experience ourselves to be sustained by God, it becomes easy to always be happy and share that light and might with others. Spirituality, in essence, brings mankind to a renewed and healthy position and paves the way for us towards a new direction to create a peaceful world.

Summary :

What is the essence of spirituality in daily life?

Spirituality is about bringing forth our innate qualities of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power, and wisdom in everyday activities while being aware of our eternal identity as a soul.

No, spirituality does not mean distancing oneself from the world. It’s about living a balanced life, nurturing the soul through meditation, and incorporating spiritual principles into daily tasks.

To start the spiritual journey, one must acquire spiritual knowledge and recognize the soul, understanding that it is the most valuable resource within.

Meditation is crucial in spirituality, as it recharges the soul and fuels it with Godly wisdom, allowing individuals to use this power in their daily activities.

Nurturing the soul involves daily meditation, spiritual study, working ethically, and living in the present moment with awareness. It’s about treasuring every moment and choosing peace as a way of life.

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