God has the best christmas present for you 2024

GOD has the ‘Best Christmas Present’ for you!

I wondered, When do Christmas decorations start to bring joy and happiness? Is it when they are being made, transported, or displayed in the shop, or when they are hung up or switched on in someone’s home?

Decorations and Happiness – is there a Relationship?

If these decorations can bring such happiness, why do we not leave them out on display for the whole year?

  • Their pleasure cannot be gained whilst being made, maybe late at night, or early morning, by workers who are too tired to keep their eyes open, just wanting to go home to sleep. 
  • And it cannot be by the delivery driver who is stuck in traffic and has the job of unloading boxes of decorations in the cold and rain. 
  • And it also cannot be the shopkeepers who have to carefully unbox and display them late at night while wanting to go back home. 

So, when do you think these Christmas decorations start bringing joy and to whom? It is when I reasoned that the first customer entered the shop only to find the decorations appealing to his eyes and couldn’t stop admiring the beauty so he chose to bring it home. That is when we start experiencing the festive joy and not before.

An assortment of junk can be transformed into joy and happiness immediately when seen. After all the sweat, toil, worry and work of producing and getting the decorations delivered and on display in the store, finally, after much care and attention, the customer gets to enjoy the beauty: but three months before that very item they now see before them, was lying on a table in bits looking nowhere close to beautiful.

The Power of Personal Attention and Completion

People’s lives are much the same as an unmade Christmas decoration; complete mess, in a heap, on the table of life, not worthy of attraction.

Just like the decorations, if people paid attention to themselves inside out, they would also become a decoration that brings joy and happiness to others; even when looked at from a distance or come closer.

To make yourself complete, similar to a hanging decoration in someone’s house that’s complete and attractive, we need to put the right amount of effort to bring the parts together, the virtues, qualities and latent skills and if one is dedicated and pays attention to his actions, as some do, great achievements can be gained and much happiness given to others when they see the decoration of their life.

Are you constantly available to experience the radiance of spirituality?

  • Will you make yourself worthy or be placed on the Christmas tree for everyone to marvel at? 
  • Will you make yourself so precious as to be a gift for someone placed at the bottom of the tree? 
  • Will you aim to become the fairy at the top of the tree? 
  • Might you become Santa’s special helper carrying his sack full of gifts?

Most people receive gifts that are almost immediately hung in the wardrobe out of sight as these are unwanted gifts best forgotten about, like a comical pair of socks or a jumper that quickly goes into the cupboard. Some are given flashing ties while others get Santa-themed slippers. Many of them seem happy with handkerchiefs but struggle to hide their disappointment whilst unwrapping their gift of a plain cardigan as they want a different colour and pattern.

I find it amazing that a person’s happiness can differ from scraps of waste that when put together are presented in some order with glitter and finesse, can give happiness.

So, the answer to my question: at what point does ugliness become beauty, is when the final item is displayed in a shop.


And the same goes with our souls when we begin our journey of decorating ourselves from within. We are all at times strewn over a table looking and feeling poor but when we give ourselves time and attention, care and love, we too can become like a Christmas decoration that can bring joy to others by just being around them or even looking at. A person needs to get rid of any vice or a bad habit that wraps him like a turkey in foil waiting to be put in the oven.

Every morning people leave their house having tied an artificial bow on their life the night before. Instead, their gift box contains happiness that they could unwrap and enjoy throughout the day. This heavy box gives them hassle which creates discontentment and makes them tired as it contains nothing other than the heavy sorrow and unhappiness which they’ve put in it. 

Free Yourself

Nothing was stopping them from packing their gift box with happiness, other than their old self. So instead of walking around in sorrow for the day, they have the choice to feel light and good about themselves and life, only if they had paid more attention to what they were putting in their box (mind).

You can free yourself from the heavy burdens of sorrow and worry but that requires effort and dedication to dislike all things which are not aligned with truth taking precedence in all matters of your life. A person needs to put all of his skills, abilities and talents together and place these carefully in their box as although they should not be fragile, they are. When these are present and safely wrapped in the bubble wrap of love in a person’s gift box, then the beauty can be felt and seen radiating from that box. Some people’s Christmas tree, from the very top to its bottom, is covered in countless decorations that sparkles to bring joy and comfort to the eyes of passersby. The trunk of their tree is hidden with numerous gifts that surround it for their friends, family, acquaintances and those hardly known.

Lights Alighting the Christmas Tree

Many people keep fragile decorations that easily fall off their tree and shatter on the floor and have lights that fluctuate and flicker on and off or simply do not work at all. There is little difference from being a wrapped present in the paper of love under your tree that gets everyone’s attention, to that of being the fairy at the top of the tree. 

There is a huge difference between being a glowing light at the top of your tree than it is being an inflatable noisy cracker that’s been pulled or a broken bauble or hanging melted chocolate. Famous people often take centre stage and especially over the Christmas period but like the snowman outside, easily disappear never to be seen or thought of again. We should not forget the Christmas tree lights that all too easily overheat when plugged into the socket of vice. Such lights will set the tree on fire where the good, the bad and the ugly will suffer. 

Distributing Gifts 

The last word must go of course to Father Christmas who is in reality, is none other than God. God cannot go far or do much without His Sledge Team (University helpers) that help Him make his gifts and give them out endlessly as God has no hands. God’s helpers have become good at making the world feel good and showing the footprints in the snow that lead to paradise.

Are you on God’s Sledge handing out gift after gift trying their best to bring peace on earth, as most Christmas carols want?

The lights of Christmas flicker on and off as Jesus is not God but His loving son. It is only God that is the Sun of knowledge and holds the answers to the mysteries of creation. We are all His children and that also encompasses the religious founders: I often see pictures of Jesus pointing upwards towards God and he often talked about God and the glory of His Kingdom.

Ever seen a picture of Jesus pointing at himself? The finger of Jesus has always been directed upwards towards God and not once has he been seen to be pointing at himself. God does not want His children to walk on water but to share with the world the milk of His knowledge and the nectar of yoga/meditation with Him and let everyone know its benefits and the bliss gained and the unlimited achievements stored in your soul from having a union (meeting/connection) of your soul with God’s Supreme soul.

Will your Christmas morning be spent busily opening the presents of love and peace?

Maybe you are now busy wrapping up these same two gifts of love and peace to send people over the festive period? You do not necessarily have to be close to someone to send them such wonderful gifts of love and peace which can enrich their lives and improve their wellbeing by calming their minds and hearts with their good wishes and cooling down their souls with the water of truth that can travel in an instant.

It will be a Happy Christmas only in certain affluent parts of the world that will see them getting drunk, eating turkey and partying and dancing the night away whilst for the majority it will be spent poorly, under bombs, in cold basements or dealing with heat waves, floods, starvation, earthquakes or tornados.

Peace on Earth 

Yet for the few followers of God that will wake up early on Christmas morning as they do every morning, Christmas shall be spent mainly in Blissful Yoga experiencing a Divine Union and Powerful Connection that will not flicker.

People live a life where the only aspects they share are the pulling of the crackers of vice so as to get at the cheap plastic prize inside. Peace on earth is very much in all our hands but so is the opposite. When we live holding just the cracker, we must live with the constant shadow of sorrow following us everywhere we go. The consequences of holding this cracker of vice are dire and yet at this time of year, it is clenched even tighter.

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