Improve Functioning Of The Right Side Brain

The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. It represents about 2 percent of the body weight but consumes about 20 per cent of the body’s oxygen. Like every other organ, the brain is also affected by our lifestyle, food habits, exercise and most important, our thoughts and emotions.

Sides of the Brain:
Each side of the brain has different functions.

Left Brain: This side of the brain is thought of as intellectual, logical, verbal, rational, analytical, assertive and objective.

Right Brain: This side of the brain is more to do with feelings, intuitions, visualizations, imaginations, holistic thinking, inspirations and creativity.

Though these two sides function differently they complement each other and work together.

Scientific development and modernization has definitely helped us become more analytical and logical. Let’s understand how to improve the functions related to the right side of the brain.

Improve functions related to the right side of the brain.
Visualization: Sometimes you may not be good at visualization. Start with something simple. For example, look at any flower in your garden. Feel it completely. The shape, colour, smell, texture etc. Then close your eyes and try to recollect what you just saw and felt. Recollect the colour, the shape, the texture as much as possible. This simple practice if repeated helps a lot. The more pictures you create the more you improve your visualization.

Creativity: It is often thought that people are born creative. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, all of us can become creative. Whatever you do just ask yourself ‘can I do this differently’? This is called out-of-box thinking. The brain has the power to do so. If you don’t get an answer don’t worry. Many times we give up because we do not get answers. Be patient. Suppose you push a 3000 kg rock every day it will not move but your effort did not get wasted. Your muscles strengthened.

Similarly when you try to think out-of-the-box and you don’t succeed don’t get disheartened. You are training your brain and the effort will pay off. You will get the answer. Leave it to cosmic intelligence. By doing this you are also strengthening the neural circuits of your brain.

Inspiration: There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation can be external. If you increase the salary of your subordinates they may be motivated for a few weeks. But they might not be inspired to go over the board. Inspiration is from within. It is like giving birth to a child. It might be difficult in the beginning but once the child is born it grows automatically. So, once you are inspired you will start working in the right direction and things will automatically take shape. Motivation is psychological while inspiration is spiritual.

Learn to manage emotions: During my interactions with patients, I have found that when there are serious problems in life such as death of a loved one, scarcity of money for children’s education etc. they are able to fight and overcome it. But these people get depressed over small matters such as daughter-in-law saying something very small to them. Why does it happen? When the problems are real there is a fire within to overcome the problem. However when it’s time to relax people become too emotional. So, it is very important to manage emotions effectively. In the next article, I will be looking at this in detail.

So, training the brain is in your hands. It just requires a little bit of attention, patience and practice. Change your thoughts to train your brain.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay