To give love is a gift, to receive love is an honour

To Give Love is a Gift, To Receive Love is an Honour

One day a Saint, along with his disciples, went to take a bath at the Ganga Ghat in Kashi. There, some people were shouting loudly at each other. The saint smiled and asked the disciples, “Why do people who are angry at each other shout?” One of the disciples said, “Because we lose our peace, we start shouting.” The saint asked, “But what is the need to shout even when they are very close to each other? Whatever you want to say, you can say it very softly.” None of the disciples had the answer.


Then the saint explained, “When two people are angry with each other, the distance between their hearts increases. Now, to cover this distance, they have to shout so that they can get their point across to each other. The angrier you are, the greater the distance will increase, and the louder you will have to shout. It’s just that.” 

Then the saint asked with a smile, “What happens when two people are in love with each other? They talk to each other with very slow softness. This is because their hearts are very close to each other. In this way, the distance between the two becomes very less. To cover such a small distance, a very loud voice is not needed.” None of the disciples had the answer.

Love Beyond Words and Whispers

He further concluded by saying that when the affection between two people increases, the love grows, and the bond between them becomes stronger. Then, their hearts come so close that they start talking in whispers. In the end, love attains such depth that a single glance at each other is enough to convey the message. It is not only about the love of man and woman; love in every form reduces the distance between the parties.

Giving Is Receiving

Every act of giving is a reaction to receiving. It is the power of love that draws us to each other and to the actions of others. It attracts us towards our dear people and friends; that attraction is love, which is the law of attraction. That is the law of love, and the law of love gives energy. The power of love keeps everything, every person, every atom in harmony. Every act of giving creates a reaction to receive. What you give definitely comes back to you. This is the mathematics of creation. If you help, you will get help; if you get angry, you will meet angry people. Every event and every situation are created according to what you think and feel. The law of nature is that what you give comes back a thousand fold. You want everyone to love you, respect you, understand you; then treat everyone with love, be forgiving, don’t be angry with anyone. Then see how you will get every happiness of life without asking. 

Home becomes Heaven

Love makes a home a heaven, not money. To love someone is the greatest gift, and to receive someone’s love is the greatest honour. Love is the basic energy of creation. The more love we feel in our heart; the more love we get. Love is the basis of change. The more we remain in love, the more we will be transformed. It is said that be it food or love, if you give too much to someone, he leaves incomplete and goes away. Therefore, do the transaction of both as per the requirement. Where love has value, money becomes insignificant. Where money has value, love becomes secondary. That’s why the world becomes heaven not by money but by love.

Love – The Only Law

Give selfless love to others. Love is the desire of every human being, and this is also the first and last desire of all. Love is not a quality; it is a necessity. A lot has been written on love, but today every person is deprived of love, and cheap love is also a threat to life. Whereas the basic law of this world is love. People are deceived in love because of their selfishness. Today if someone speaks with love, then people get choked up because they think, “Why is he speaking with so much love? There must be some selfishness.” So keep yourself full of love and give selfless love to others; then, you will be the most powerful person in the world. Do not be deceitful in your mind; remember the true and good things.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

If you hate, you will get hate. Man makes mistakes because he does not have every piece of information, i.e., lack of subtle knowledge. Put your hand in the fire, it will burn. If you jump in the water, you will drown. Nature does not take pity. Similarly, if you give hate, you will get hate; if you give love, you will get love. If you keep affection for everyone in your mind, then you will be showered with affection. Always remember the law of action and reaction. Never even think of punishing or harming anyone. Always keep the thought of giving love in your mind, and you will continue to experience love continuously. If a person does not have a feeling of kindness, love, and compassion in his mind, then old corrupted thoughts will continue to run in the mind; then there will be no mental peace. But in love, there is no sorrow, there is compassion, which brings joy.

The Inner Silence

Even with love, the enemy gives up the vices. Love not only brings closeness to each other but also brings the distances of the heart so close that with the feeling of belongingness, the enemy also starts spreading the fragrance of his qualities like flowers, renouncing his demerits. Love is such a key that no matter how hard the soul is, it opens the lock of the heart in a second, gives it a new direction and condition of life with the effect of pure thoughts, that is, it opens the lock of the heart of the hardest nature. When your entire ego, impure thoughts are pacified, and you experience deep silence, the sound you hear in the inner silence is called love. If along with love comes the ability to harmonise yourself, and a moment comes that you disappear and only love remains within you, then you enter the depths of the mind, becoming free from obstacles, formless and void.

The Power of Love

Where there is enjoyment, there is no love; there is a bargain. Nature follows the laws of love, and the laws of nature never change. The power of love is clearly visible throughout nature. The law of love is active throughout the universe, in everything from the smallest to the greatest. The power of love inspires all the animals, all the creatures of the sea, the animals and birds to increase their breed and live in flocks. It is the power of love that draws us towards each other. It is the power of love that pulls us towards each other’s actions. Love and pride cannot live together under one roof.

Love – The Battery Charger

Defining love as per the Supreme Father Shiva; we can get love from God only through his remembrance or meditation. God eliminates vices through the power of love, fills the energy in the soul with love because attachment discharges the battery of the soul, and love charges the battery of the soul. This charged battery with love can charge the soul coming in contact. The power of love acts like a magnet; it gives a sense of belongingness. Love makes one free from the bondages of life, to enjoy the state of super-sensuous happiness. Divine power works in one who is full of love. The power of love brings change; the way one thinks and feels also changes. All kinds of diseases can be cured, enmity and hatred go away, and inimitable courage comes. Therefore, love is the most powerful wave. It is also said that love is meditation, love is knowledge, love is spirituality, and that love is a divine power, by which powerful elements, all living beings are governed. If love is a feeling, then love is also sympathy, and love is the means of success in every work. It is this love that brings anyone’s heart closer.

Therefore, God can be attained only and only by love. He neither needs your money nor any method of chanting, penance, recitation, worship, pilgrimage, nor obstinacy. God can be conquered only by the energy of love, i.e., pure determination of mind and truth of mind, cleanliness. The basis of true love is knowledge and purity, through which the creation changes, develops the power of love.

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