The Journey Of Joyful Parenting

Parenting isn’t solely about love and care; it demands involvement, guiding without instilling fear, and allowing children to chart their unique life paths. Creating a nurturing environment involves teaching responsibility, fostering a connection with nature, and fostering trust through love, openness, and meditation. This journey of parenthood is a perpetual conversation, a joyful and honest exchange of learning and growing together.

Children are tender souls with pure consciousness. As parents, we often feel the need to know the right ways of nurturing them, so that they grow into good natured human beings. When we navigate the unfamiliar waters of parenthood, most of us will face challenges of different kinds. In those moments, it is important to remain sure of oneself and in touch with your own intuitions. It is a myth, especially among new parents, that being a parent comes naturally. Love and care may come on their own to most of us, but the two are not synonymous with being a good parent. It is only a part of what it takes to bring up children, and definitely not enough on their own.

Release Attachment and Ownership

Firstly, it’s important to release the feeling of attachment and ownership over children. We should try to build a relationship of liberation, where we look at them as just another soul, with their own past karmas. We should also understand that having children is a privilege and it’s our role to protect them from wrong influence, but also, in that process, we do not inculcate a sense of fear in them, which will make them shy from seeking help in future life situations.

Drawing The Line

Drawing the line between instilling caution and creating unnecessary fear is an art. As a parent, it’s also very important to create involvement with children. Building a loving and supportive environment helps them experience life, where they can learn the significance of giving in relationships. As conscious and responsible beings, parents need to be equally joyful, for the benefit of their child and to fill them with the same energy. This creates the necessary ambience for nurturing children positively, and helps them in navigating life effortlessly.

Nourishing The Nature Connect

Children should also be made to experience the closeness with nature at a tender age, so that they can observe life in a very basic way. When we look around the people we know, we see people from all kinds of different backgrounds who followed various paths through life. They all ended up as wonderful and knowledgeful people, fulfilled in different ways and to different extents. Similarly, we should let our children have the same freedom to create their own path through life. Children should also be taught to question everything, but not with a sense of suspicion. They should also be taught to trust naturally. Love, openness and meditativeness, as virtues in parents, can give powerful vibrations to children, to help them enrich their inner potential.

Coaching responsibility

Also, children must learn to take matters of physical and mental health seriously. They should learn to cherish their minds and bodies and to take responsibility for maintaining them. How they see their every personal action is related to how they treat the external environment. The role of a parent, therefore, becomes of a coach, giving everything they can, to help them off the field, so that they can run the best race possible. As a parent, it’s hard not to feel sometimes, as though you are being assessed along with your children. Therefore, at times we make decisions based on how it makes us look, rather than how it makes our children feel, which is wrong and we should take care that it does not happen. 

The present generation of parents has access to a lot of information on the internet. As a result, we often feel the need to reach for every available information to help our children. In our effort to do our best for them, we forget that it’s important to accept our children as they are.

Prioritising Correctly

There is a big difference between fear and instinct, and we must learn how to separate the two. Worry or fear doesn’t make one a better parent. To avoid making such mistakes, let’s remember that keeping ourselves confident, cheerful and happy is the key. Parents should also make time for the little things that benefit them spiritually. Parents must have faith in themselves, rediscover their own needs and take out time for things that give them inner fulfilment. This is because our spiritual development and inner goodness and contentment is continuously creating our children and their personalities. 

When it comes to our own health, we must remember that we should practise what we preach, and care for ourselves like we do for the health of our children. 

The Parent Connect 

Parents should also remember that they are also managing the relationship with each other along with the one they have with their own children. While taking care of children, these fragile bonds can shatter under stress. As parents, the best thing we can give to our children is to respect the differences in opinion between each other and love and care for each other. A good relationship of trust and goodwill between parents does half the work of creating a beautiful child, with an all-round development.

Relish The Joyful Journey

Lastly, we must remember that parenthood is like a conversation that lasts a lifetime. There are so many things we want to teach our children, so many things we can learn from them and so many new life experiences to be felt together. So with our children…we should keep it open…we should keep it honest. And relish the journey of joyful parenting!

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