The Real and Bitter Truth Of Life is Death

Steve Jobs was the founder of the famous Apple Company, who came to know in 2003 that he had cancer. Like any normal person at that time, he never thought that his death would come so soon. But he had to accept the fact that he had cancer. He decided that the remaining days of his life should be used in wonderful work. In 2005, Steve Jobs gave a very inspirational speech at the Stanford University ceremony: “When I was 17 years old, I had read an example somewhere that if you live every day as your last day, then one day you will prove to be true”. This sentence had a great impact on Steve Jobs’ mind and from that day for the last 33 years every morning he looked in the mirror and asked himself, if today is the last day of my life, what am I going to do today? Yes, will I keep doing the same? 

If the answer to this question is “No” for several days, then I used to understand that there is something that needed to be changed. After this, the fact of death within a few days helped me to take many important decisions in life. So, if you have limited time, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Thanks to this understanding, the special inventions of the 21st Century such as “iPhone”, “iPad”, “MacBook” andAppleTV were born by Steve Jobs.” 

Whatever is, is for a while

It is said that everybody has to fall one day, whether it is a human being or the sun. But learn courage from the sun, which sets every day and emerges the next day with new hope and enthusiasm. That’s why this style of the sun becomes the support of Living life because a new morning brings new hopes and new courage for everyone. Nothing here is ours and no one is yours. Whatever it is, it is also for the time being. Later everything is going to be destroyed, even if you try a million times to catch it; nothing is going to remain in your grasp. We all know that we came empty handed and leaving everything, we have to leave empty handed in this life.

The real and bitter truth of life is death 

Don’t be arrogant; respect every human being, because man struggles to earn a house, money, cars, expensive jewellery and fame all his life. But all this is of no use to us in the end. That’s why be engrossed in the remembrance of God because where do you want to take all this by accumulating them. This reason of this life is the real and bitter truth.

What is Death? 

The end of the life of any living being is called death. There can be many reasons for death, such as old age, accident, disease, sudden trauma, greed etc. It is said that a few months before death, the person’s tongue stops working properly. He doesn’t get the right taste of food.

There is also difficulty in talking. It has been told about death that when a person dies, the Yamadoots of Yamraj take the soul with them to Yamlok. Here the good or bad deeds of the soul are accounted for. This is what decides the path of his next birth. The soul never dies, but the fear of death remains until the person remains in body-consciousness. Death is of the body, not of the soul. 

Breathing also has an invariable law

One doesn’t know the value of one’s breath until it stops. The breath that is going on inside us is a great gift of God. Breathing also has an unchanging law. Although these breaths keep coming and going, when they leave in the final form, they do not come back. No power in the world, no recommendation can call it back. The day the inhalation and exhalation of these breaths stop, all relationships, respect, wealth, glory will end. That’s why I respect this priceless treasure and thank the one who gave it.

Humans have two true companions; one is their own deed and the other is God. All the rest have been found here and will be separated here. That’s why a person sees all the deeds that he has done throughout his life just before death. Therefore, do your work in such a way that any one observes you can sense the peace on your face and no fear. 

The thing to be felt is death 

Can anyone see his death? No, if we consider ourselves as the body, we will never experience death. Does anyone in the world have such a vision, who can see death? But if seen, it is the immortal, imperishable soul that runs our body, only the soul can see the death of this body. If you move a little beyond this body, then only you will be able to understand that the point of light, the imperishable soul, resides inside this body in the brow. If we understand the soul, we can understand the death of the body. 

It sounds very strange to read and hear the above, but to understand it easily, the practice of Rajyoga is necessary because only through the practice of Rajyoga one can realise the Self. Only the soul will experience this feeling, not the body. When the death of this body comes then the soul running this body will understand that this body has to end now. The soul has no fear that someone can kill it or burn it. 

These things are so deep and mysterious that even if you ask any saint, great man or read any book, you will not be able to understand, it can only be experienced, which the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul Himself explains through Rajyoga. It is known to all that one has to leave this body and go, but intuitive knowledge on death can be experienced, realised and understood better through the knowledge and practice of Rajyoga.

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