The Secret To Strength And Greatness: Think & Speak Less

A physical illness can be diagnosed by feeling the pulse, and similarly, the speed of one’s thoughts can be determined from the lines on the forehead. If the speed of thoughts is very fast, if thoughts constantly arise one after the other, they waste our energy.

It is like the wastage of physical energy by someone who speaks too fast or talks constantly. What do we tell someone who talks too much and too loudly? Speak less and say it softly! In the same way, having too many thoughts too quickly wastes spiritual energy.

Ever noticed what is the speed of thoughts when you have waste thoughts and what is the speed of thoughts when you are remembering God? A lot of energy is wasted by one and energy is created by the other.

When the speed of waste thoughts is fast, you don’t feel powerful. Just as when you are physically drained you say that your head feels empty, a weakened soul experiences emptiness inside.

For physical energy, one is given an injection or a bottle of glucose. In the same way, a soul who is weak spiritually must remember God. What is the brake to stop the train of waste thoughts? Applying a full stop to what you are thinking.

By using these methods one can regain spiritual power for some time, but one who is in the habit of thinking too much will become weak again. So, the remedy is to keep the speed of one’s thoughts slow.

One should develop the habit of having only thoughts that are necessary. A thought is a seed that should bear the fruit of success. It should not be an empty seed that doesn’t bear any fruit.

When thoughts are few, they will be powerful, whereas when thoughts are wasteful, they will be more in number and will bring no attainment.

Bamboo forest

Waste thoughts are like a bamboo forest – one automatically grows from the other and they rub against each other. Then they catch fire and the forest burns in the fire it has sparked itself.

In the same way, one wasteful thought leads to another, and when the soul is drained of energy by such thoughts, it becomes susceptible to vices such as anger, ego, hatred and jealousy, which burn the soul, causing distress.

We need to recognize the value of our thoughts and use them accordingly, for only then will all our thoughts be realized and we will achieve success. Think less, that is, have only thoughts that take a practical form. Those who think in this way become carefree.

Also, speak meaningful, purposeful words. Such words are few in number, just as there are few great persons while ordinary people are many, and the Supreme Soul is just one. So, one should not waste either type of energy – thoughts or words.

A great soul is one who speaks elevated words; one who has thoughts that become reality. We can become so powerful that anyone who comes in front of us would want us to speak a few words, which will be like blessings to them.

So, we need to pay attention to having thoughts and speaking words that are filled with blessings.