Why and How is Shiv Jayanti A Unique Festival?

In the series of festivals celebrated in Bharat, Shivratri or Shiv Jayanti is of paramount importance. We celebrate this festival as the commemoration of the incarnation of Supreme God Father Shiva.
Shivratri is celebrated on the Krishna Paksh of Phalgun month of the Hindu calendar year. Supreme God Father Shiva incarnates a little before the end of Kaliyuga.

Why is Ratri associated only with Shiva?
Of all the festivals celebrated in Bharat, only Shivratri and Navratri are associated with ‘ratri’ (night).

Why so? Did God take birth at night?
‘Ratri’ does not connote the night that comes once in 24 hours. Here, the word ratri or night is symbolic. It means the time of extreme sin and evil.

Shiva means benevolent. Shivratri is the commemoration of the advent of Supreme Soul Shiva for world benevolence during doomsday.

Why is Shiva’s incarnation needed in the present time?
It is beyond words to describe the current world situation. It’s an eternal law that when anything reaches its extreme, it’s near its end. Sorrow, worries, and tragedies are prevalent across the globe. At such a time, God Shiva incarnates to re-establish real peace, happiness, and righteous religion.

What are the spiritual mysteries of Shiva?
1. Supreme Soul, God Shiva is Incorporeal.
2. He is a subtle luminescent point of light.
3. He is the God of gods, thus, called ‘Mahadev’.
4. He is the Creator of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar. So, He’s also known as Trimurti. And hence, Shivratri is related to the creator of Tridev.
5. He is the knowledgeful of all the three aspects of time, hence called ‘Trikaldarshi’.
6. He is immune to the cycle of birth and death, hence called ‘Ajanma’.
7. We can’t see our souls. God too can’t be seen with the naked eyes.
8. A few of His names are:
• Onkareshwar (He is Omkar)
• Paapkateshwar (remover of sins)
• Mukteshwar (Liberator),
• Amarnath (makes us immortal)
• Somnath (makes us drink the Soma or Somras of Knowledge), etc.
9. God Shiva is Himself bodiless and the creator of the three deities – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar associated with the acts Generation, Organization, and Destruction.

What’s God’s Divine Duty on Earth?
His divine incarnation takes place to awaken the souls from sheer ignorance. To liberate human beings from sorrows and sins, He reincarnates and introduces Himself at the time of irreligiousness as mentioned in the epic Shrimad Bhagwat Gita.

To create the sacred and happy world known as Satyuga (also called swarg, heaven, or paradise), He incarnates into the body of an ordinary human being, Dada Lekhraj, and renames him Prajapita Brahma. That’s why the idols of Incorporeal God Shiva and His vehicle are established in Shiva temples.

God Shiva through the corporeal medium of Brahma establishes the Brahman cult and teaches Easy Rajyoga. he also destroys irreligiousness and re-establishes the true religion. Besides, He liberates all souls from the vices and through the light of true knowledge, scatters the rays of Purity and performs the divine duty of establishing the divine world which is full of Peace, Happiness, and Bliss.

Through this Godly study, the souls change from vicious to vice-less by destorying the vices. And from ordinary man and woman to the elevated status of Shri Narayan and Shri Lakshmi.

Thus, the festival of Shivratri is an important festival which apart from reviving new creation in humans, also revives the eternal truths. This festival is the commemoration of the divine birthday of Supreme Soul God Father Shiva, as well as the mouth-born progeny of Brahma, viz. Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris.

What’s the Spiritual Significance of Shivratri?
In the temples of all gods and goddesses, flowers, garland, milk, cense, and other elevated worship materials are used. But on the commemoration day of the Supreme Soul, waste stuff such as akaua are offered, saying that it pleases God.

But these rituals have a deep spiritual significance.

When God incarnates into this world, He advises us children to offer Him the waste, deep-rooted evils which cause sorrow to self and others, and inspire towards demonic acts and imbibe divine virtues and powers. Thus, at this crucial and transitional time, we need to recognize the self and Supreme Soul and assimilate the divine virtues in self and have the auspicious communion with God Shiva.

From the above relevant facts, it is clear that Shivratri is the commemorational festival of an important memoir. This is the best among all other birthdays and anniversaries. Only Shivratri is the diamond-worthy anniversary because all other anniversaries are celebrated as the commemoration of birthdays of human souls and deities. While Shivratri is the commemoration of the divine and auspicious birthday of the loveliest Supreme Soul, who transforms humans into deities and is God of gods, Supreme Father of divine fathers, who is the sole bestower of fruition.

As God Shiva transforms all human beings from being “worth not a penny” into “diamond-worthy souls” at the confluence of the end of Kaliyuga and beginning of Satyuga, that’s why only Shivratri is the diamond-worthy anniversary. In comparison with this birth anniversary, the birth anniversaries of the rest of the great souls etc. are nay worth not a penny, because the latter neither pave the way for the end of sorrow and disquiet nor do they purify all the souls of the world.

What’s the relevance of the Diamond Worthy Shiv Jayanti?
Shivratri will only be useful when we become prudential, recognize that the world is fast moving towards destruction, connect our intellect with the Supreme God Father, and welcome the festival with this very contemplation and reflection whether we’re are moving towards our goal.

Besides, by knowing the real meaning of the Diamond-worthy Festival, we should join this festival of joy and can boost the mass power of the spiritual element. Only by understanding the significance of Shiv Jayanti, the life-flower will bloom aromatically. We’ll also get God’s proximity, continuously.



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