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A wide range of true words that relaxes your intellect and foster the balance between inner and outer world.

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The section is for spiritual seekers or people leading stressful life. It is designed to inspire and leave the people with a deeper understanding of who they are, what their life is about and how one can lead a peaceful and happier life.

The Cycle of Time

The world has been in existence since eternity and it will continue to be eternal. The world was neither created anytime before nor will it get destroyed later, because matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it only undergoes transformation from one form to another.

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Awards & Recognitions

Various establishments and institutions across the world have recognized the selfless service of Brahma Kumaris which has been working for world peace and upliftment of humanity. Some are mentioned here.

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Mental Tensions

Mental tension is the cause of the crimes in the world. Many diseases are also due to psychological imbalance, nervous strain and hypertension. In order to feel relaxed, some people, now-a-days, take tranquilisers, smoke marijuana or use LSD drugs but this does not provide them with a lasting relief.

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Experiencing The Gods Power

Power in this mundane world comes with several shades of good and bad. We know that power corrupts. More often than not, a person in power is on a roller coaster ride rather than a smooth one. Power comes with a lot of limitations and burdens in this world.

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Ideas on Beauty

It has been aptly said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It has to be seen, however, to which kind of beauty this saying applies. It is observed that a person, having facial beauty, is not necessarily beautiful at heart. For example, a lady who has attractive looks, no longer looks beautiful if she acts like an enraged bull in china shop.

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Why Meditation?

Every human being in this world aspires for peace and happiness. Happiness and peace have less to do with gross objects; they refer to states. Moreover, there is another kind of experience, which is the highest and is independent of worldly objects and senses. It is called Bliss.

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Things that Connect with us

Download Brahma Kumaris spiritual music and find BK center near to your location for connecting with us.

Our Campus

Gyan Sarovar

Gyan Sarovar Lake Of Knowledge The Brahma Kumaris started building the campus for the Academy for a Better World, an institution of higher learning established by the Brahma Kumaris

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Om Shanti Retreat Center (Gurgaon)

Om Shanti Retreat Centre The Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) is a unique learning centre that provides higher education in the art of living as well as training in Rajyoga, the highest form of yoga.

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Shanti Sarovar (Raipur)

The retreat centre of Shanti Sarovar in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh state in central India, came to existence in 1994. True to its name, which means lake of peace, Shanti Sarovar

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Shanti Sarovar - Hyderabad

An oasis of peace in the happening city of Hyderabad, Shanti Sarovar is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge the soul. As an academy for higher learning of values and spiritual skills,

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What People Say

Truly an amazing knowledge, everything and more than expected. I encourage other to open their mind and heart and find out more in depth what life is all about.

- Yashica Dewan ( New Delhi )

"I came to Brahmakumari’s center for classes not knowing what to expect but definitely inn search of something that religion has not provided so far. These classes helped me to find the right path to fulfill mu purpose."

- Surender Sharma ( Uttar Pradesh )

"The Brahma Kumari’s knowledge expanded my consciousness, karmic conditions and cleared blockages. This is the first time I came to know my truth resides in the spirit."

- Bhawana Singh ( Mumbai )