God's tv with his 8 divine channels

God’s TV with His 8 Divine Channels

There is an underlying drama to which all plots, films and TV series are based: it’s called The Drama of Life (DoL). Life has become false, like a false plastic doll. The problem is, people now think that their body (doll) is who they really are. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to see this drama and know clearly that it’s unlimited and unfolding as it did last cycle, then you’ll know it’s identical in every way but still, you can make a difference within it right now. Regardless of what man thinks or says, writes, preaches or philosophises about, it’s only by watching God’s 8 main TV channels that will bring him enlightenment and peace

Everyone now belongs to the religion of Despair! 

People will disagree but how many books, teachings, path, religions, cults and branches of philosophy have come about which are all witnessing man slip ever down the ladder of degradation into ever deepening darkness and vice? 

It’s God’s 8 divine Channels that should be of paramount importance in all people’s lives as it’s these alone that can influence a person’s mind (soul) and influence it to act morally, nobly and with spirituality at its centre. On these Godly channels you learn how to think, feel and live better and happier as this guidance enables you to see and think spiritually and in so doing, automatically takes you away from your body consciousness and ultimately, the vibrations emitted from these 8 channels will begin to heal and transform your soul. 

What am I losing?

If these Godly Channels are not watched and influencing a person’s daily life, then they shall be in trouble as watching another TV set with its own channels will have been directed by man and will serve to degrade in the extreme and not elevate in the extreme and where the viewer’s mind shall become completely polluted as anyone watching man’s TV will grow to become an embodiment of body consciousness. 

Watching man’s TV influences and dictates how you will feel throughout the day. Such viewing will accumulate and come to rule your life in a negative way. If you look, man’s channels reign supreme over the world and influence young and old, rich and poor, fat and thin, black and white and the religious and nonbelievers. Man’s channels are often consumed by jealousy, hate, stress, worry, lust, greed and indulgence, without hinting for self-restraint, self-awareness or self-discipline mentioned on any programme. Other than to cut down on salt and fat consumption and moderate your meat intake to twice weekly along with reducing the amount of alcohol you drink but never mention about cutting down on the worst bad habit of being body conscious which poisons your soul (your mind) and raises your blood pressure and weakens the heart and makes you tired and stressed. 

Embracing Change and Adaptability 

It would be good to watch a long, interesting, detailed programme all about the soul and where it is in your body and what the soul is. This might educate a few and keep them away from the dangerous trap of body consciousness that most are caught up in and is making them stressed, neurotic, ill and dominated by their bad habits with almost no self-control. 

A crowned King or President of any country is first ruled by his own body consciousness and in so doing, is ruled by stress and sorrow. Body consciousness alone wields all power and has maximum control and influence over people’s minds, lives and lifestyles from the time they wake until they sleep exhausted. 

Do you think the government or a king has such power over its people? All governments and kings are also subject and ruled by body consciousness and are controlled by their bad habits and often at their mercy as they make them lose all control and composure and even to the point, they cannot see what’s happening to them. All must, and do, obey the supreme master and ruler of Body Consciousness who wears an invisible crown and carries an invisible sceptre but its body conscious cloak and white gloves are always visible. 

Body consciousness pulls all the strings of every person all of the time and is everyone’s inner ruler and is clever to remain incognito but whose voice guides and makes people lose control and do things they know are bad for them. People cannot help but listen to this voice that until he gets his way, will continually keep nagging until they must obey his desires and commands and succumb to his authority. All are victims, slaves and captives of body consciousness and walk around carrying its workers heavy ball and chain of bad habits that are invisible but if you look closely, you can see the pain on its subjects’ faces that this burden has imposed on them over the years. 

Cultivating Positive Traits Along the Journey

Can you hear the clanking (moans of sorrow and stress) coming from their chains (mouths)? People have signed up to the army and do not realise it. This army marches to the loud playing band of bad habits which is always out of tune. People love fulfilling their desires and their treats are often bad habits. Their life is geared around enjoying their bad habits which sees them compelled to march to this brass band that keeps them inline and whose tune offers some satisfaction as they whistle its tune throughout the day and do not even realise it. 

You are not in control, your habits are! Have you become deaf and blind to your bad habits? Are you being controlled but cannot see it and do not realise the severity and implications of being under such a controlling master as you have been a servant to your bad habits for such a long time? 

All are loyal to this army with few ever leaving it as they get enjoyment from it but this is a yo-yo army whose pleasures are fleeting as its grows weaker and yet more demanding of its soldiers that struggle to gain morsels of satisfaction that is not enough to keep them in their ranks and loyal and so take up other bad habits that demeans their soul and degrades them further but keeps them in this army even if they are totally ill disciplined. Do you belong to the army that wears a uniform of camouflaged sadness? 

AII wear the same uniform of body consciousness proudly and of the colourful badge of bad habits on its sleeve. Once in uniform, the wearer becomes totally blind, fashionable and of course, incredibly sad which they try and camouflage as best they can with their fake smiles and which they try to offset daily with new or their familiar bad habits that have a tight grip on them just as the soldier tightly grips his hand grenade before he pulls the pin. 

No one makes you wear this uniform but as everyone else is wearing it, you wear it, right? This is a big mistake and now it will take effort on your part to not put it on each morning and keep from putting it on during the day. God’s suit is like a straight rainbow with an elevator inside it that goes only upwards. The law of goodness states that it’s only when you’ve managed to keep from wearing man’s uniform will your spiritual new suit fit you. This suit gives complete freedom.

God’s Daily TV soap

God’s daily TV soap is one that cleans your mind and washes away any pollution inside. God’s TV, with His 8 Divine Channels, is as follows: 

  • Channel 1 shows peace
  • Channel 2 is about the reality of bliss; 
  • Channel 3 is all about contentment, with 
  • Channel 4 being of self and world service; 
  • Channel 5 is about re-awakening your latent virtues and powers that are inherent within each soul. 

Few tend to switch on God’s TV and watch one of His Channels that are on Godly Free view. With most not knowing God has His own TV Station, TV set and Channels and is often busy giving away free Godly TVs, programme guides and remote controls to the deserving and those with a good heart, along with those that want to watch something meaningful that can bring enlightenment by educating them as to who and what they are and what and where God is, and in so doing make them into a spiritual being and better person. 

The Meditative TV 

If you switch on this TV enough times it learns how to switch itself on. If you really want such an elevated TV to watch and learn from, and are worthy of receiving it in God’s spiritual post as you feel your soul has done only good in life, sit down in meditation and ask God to deliver it to you straight away. Once you’ve got it in your lounge (mind) you can immediately plug it in and switch it on and watch any of His 8 Channels in comfort.

To always be watching man’s TV is to always be eating unhealthy food. Most are unworthy of receiving a Godly TV set as have had a closed, body conscious and selfish attitude most of their life. They have only ever watched man’s channels of waste, anger and greed which will have impacted them and made them increasingly body conscious. Can you imagine how successful a surgeon would be if he was scared of the sight of blood and how many lives he would save?

  • Godly Channel 6 is all about trying to create harmonious relationships as God knows how easily relationships can turn sour and into horror shows. 
  • Channel 7 is dedicated to repeating the programme on the need for constant effort, reinforcing the importance of having self-discipline and keeping determination and courage constantly at the forefront of the TV screen of your mind if you really wish to become perfect. 
  • Channel 8 is the Test Card. This channel shows how tests will always come no matter how good, wise and spiritual you are.

Should you want an easy life without regular tests and challenges that requires inner strength and dignity to overcome, then trying to lead an elevated spiritual life will not be before you.

Trials of Seeking Perfection

Tests come to those that seek perfection and not to those that are ordering a pizza over the phone or queuing at McDonald’s or going out to the pub for a drink. Tests will find you on a daily basis and for free and even without you having to order them as you do a pizza for which you must pay.

Challenges and problems will all be delivered to your front door free of charge, day and night, and often quickly, and even whilst you sit in comfort watching your Godly TV, cooking or sleeping. Tests can test your faith, love, commitment, courage, determination, abilities, desires, sincerity, forgiveness, energy, understanding, path, vision, clarity, charity, nobility, judgement and power of mind and can test your ability to stand up for that which is right and to keep smile on your face as you do.

Defamation and difficulties will always come to those that seek a life of peace and if allowed, will wipe the smile off your face very easily. You need to keep your mind and its power focused on your aim and not let it wander so as to allow in weakness to show its ugly face or by waving its inner fist of anger at you. 

This dog’s bark is not as bad as his bite. If not careful, the dog with bad habits can grow very strong by eating your willpower daily and throwing your goodness in his kennel as he has moved in full time, living in your mind. Some dogs are so strong they can drag you down a dark alley and tear your leg or arm off, such is the power of the jaw and teeth of this dog called Bad Habits. It’s only the collar and spirituality that can take this vicious dog and stop it from biting you. Many get bitten and are now infected by rabies.

Can you see the many foaming at the mouth from frustration when their desire for a bad habit is not being met? Can you face difficulties or do they make your face ugly with confusion and get wet clothes?

Stepping Stones to Holistic Fulfilment

When a test comes it will leave you either wiser or weak where you become even more sensitive to the touch of even a comment. Many are fragile touch-me-not flowers that wilt as soon as the sun of happiness goes in as it gets blocked by a large problematic dark cloud.

We now live in a world where most easily succumb to sorrow. Does an unpleasant comment stay with you all day where you cry so much that you need to change your wet clothes?

If you laugh or cry your way through life, it will all hinge on how far and how deep you’ve studied and digested the 8 Godly powers within you and assimilated them to a high degree. This in turn will depend on how often you tuned on your Godly TV (meditation) and focused on what you were watching through your third eye.

The Test Card Channel is the last Channel on God’s TV

Do you feel like switching off your TV when the Test Card Channel is playing? Many switch off at such a time when problems appear in their life that shuts out the light of laughter. God’s Channels show in vivid colour and in close-up, that every power and virtue will be needed by you if you want to overcome every difficulty that comes your way and tests you and if you can pass life’s many tests that are sure to keep coming, there will be a perfect you at the end.

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