The spiritual significance of the holy christmas


The holy Christmas is known to all as the memorable day of the birth of Jesus Christ. Though it is true that Christmas is, thus, celebrated as the day of the advent of Christ into this world, it also symbolises some deep significant spiritual truths. Let us explore the spiritual significance of Christmas today.

One Divine Family

We decorate the Christmas Tree very beautifully, by putting a large shining star at the top of the tree, and lighting each leaf of the tree with bulbs. These tiny bulbs on leaves denote each of us souls (points of light), who are unique just like each leaf is unique. The star at the top is God, denoting the fact that all of us have one and the same Spiritual Father. Hence, even while being different, we are of one divine family as spiritual brothers, the children of One God.

The tree is symbolic of the genealogical human world tree and the world time cycle very accurately.

  • The Eternal Seed

Unlike the worldly trees, at the top of the human genealogical tree is the eternal seed. This seed is a symbolic reminder of God, the Supreme Soul, the One Almighty, who is the Creator and the Supreme Father of all. The leaves on the branches of this tree are symbolic of all human souls.

  • The Trunk

The trunk of the tree denotes the time of Satyuga and Tretayuga when all of us were deities on this planet, and there was just one deity religion called the Adi Sanatan Devi-Devta Dharma, one language, one kingdom one clan, and one creed; all representing complete unity.

  • The Branches Emerge

Then, the trunk starts getting divided into branches (the divisions depicting the coming of different religions), with the divisions increasing with the passage of time, and the tree, finally, starts becoming old and weak with the start of conflict and fragmentation among the religions.

The Descent of God

Hence, now at this time, the Incorporeal God, the eternal Seed, has already descended on this planet to plant a new sapling, i.e., it denotes the time of this auspicious Confluence Age when He is to transform the old, decadent Iron Age (Kaliyuga) into the new, pure Golden Age (Satyuga) once again.

Santa Claus also denotes God

Santa Claus is always shown coming down from a pitch-dark chimney, depicting that God comes at the end of Kaliyuga when there is complete darkness of ignorance and irreligiousness in the world.

Why Red Clothes?

Further, the red clothes of Santa Claus signify the fact that God comes from the Soul World (Nirvandham/ Paramdham), the highest metaphysical world of Golden Red Light, which is far above the elemental world.

Why Old Looking Santa?

Santa Claus is always shown old, showing that God takes the old body-chariot of Prajapita Brahma as the instrument for serving the human souls.

Santa’s gifts

  • The gifts that Santa Claus brings are not mere material gifts, but they are symbolic of the subtle gifts of spiritual virtues and values like truth, knowledge, purity, bliss, peace, love, and happiness.
  • At many places, Santa Claus is shown with the angels by his side. The angels represent the complete and perfect souls, who are the embodiment of a pure form, we all aspire for. The angels are always soul-conscious; that is why it is said that their feet never touch the ‘mud’ of the earth; in other words, this means that they are eternally conscious of who they are, i.e., souls rather than gross bodies.

The ‘Christmas’ / Kishmish Connect

The word ‘Christmas’ matches with the word Kishmish (i.e. Raisins, a sweet dry fruit); hence, let us become as sweet as Kishmish on the occasion of this Christmas. 

Let us also remember and inculcate the teachings of Christ rather than just using it as a time for shopping, fun, and leisure. The life of Jesus Christ is a mirror for all of us, showing his profound and significant teachings as follows:

  • Christ – The Child of God: Christ is always shown with a finger pointing upwards, and he also said, “God is One, God is Light…I’m the child of God.” He came as a messenger for giving the message to us to connect ourselves directly to God, the Supreme Soul. Hence, accordingly, let us develop a direct, personal and dynamic relationship with God now.
  • The Message of Love and Unity: He always gave the message of love and unity; hence, let us see only the specialities and original virtues of every soul.
  • The Message of Mercy and Compassion: He gave the message of mercy and compassion; hence, let us forgive everyone around us and bring a new spiritual turn in our lives.

Awaken- adorn!

Let us celebrate this Christmas with its true spiritual meaning and significance and thereby awaken our consciousness to the fact that a new, pure and golden age is dawning. For this, we need to adorn ourselves with virtues and stay in the awareness of our original, spiritual identity – the soul. 

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