How To Take Situations As A Challenge, Not A Threat

Whenever there is a small or a big problem there are two approaches. One is to take that particular problem as a threat and the other is to take it as a challenge.

When you are afraid of any circumstance your coping skills reduces. Also, extremely harmful cortisol hormones are released. But when you take the same situation as a challenge then your coping skill increases. You can even do what seems impossible.

When I was studying in ninth grade I had a thought of becoming a doctor. I used to go to a senior to study. One day he asked me what I want to become. When I told him about my desire to become a doctor he said that he too wishes the same for me but my IQ is very low. I can’t become a doctor.

I had two choices. One was to accept what he said. Believe it as he was teaching me and knew my caliber. The other was to take it as a challenge. I was studying for 10 hours a day. I increased the duration to 15 hours a day. Even after my tenth-grade exams when we had 3 months of vacation all the boys were playing but I was studying.

Take your situation as a challenge. For this remember these three words.

Face it, Fight it and Finish it.
Whenever there is any challenge – be it health, finance or work tell yourself that I am going to take it as a challenge. As a psychotherapist, I have trained many people and I know this has worked. Repeat these words 5 times ‘Face it, Fight it and Finish it’. You will really feel good.

Greet it, Meet it and Beat it.
During difficult situations remember these 3 phrases – Greet it, Meet it and Beat it.

Instead of being afraid of a situation and avoiding it, greet it. Say ‘hello, welcome’. Every situation has a demand, so meet that demand. Ultimately beat it.

Work on these small things and you will see big problems getting solved. Whatever happens in your life always, always think positively.

Positive thinking
A lot has been said about positive thinking. You must have read many books, and also heard many talks. But still, I have found people who don’t become positive. Why? Because they have not understood the crux of positive thinking. The general norm of positive thinking is to find something good in a bad situation. Sometimes, it’s very difficult. There are situations where you just cannot find anything positive. In such cases, you need to look at life as a whole and not just the moment. The present moment is not positive and is full of negativity. But I can assure you that in future you will find something positive. It is only a question of time.

I started balding from the age of 19 years. Just think, a half bald first-year MBBS student. Because of this, I had to face many negative comments from people.

I started practicing in Mumbai when I was 29 years old. My friends told me that for a few years I may not get many patients. But within 7 days of practice, many patients started coming to me. I was quite surprised. Finally one of my patients unfolded the mystery. He said ‘doctor, you are the senior most psychotherapist in our area. I never go to junior doctors’. My baldness turned to my advantage.

Life is easy.
Life is not difficult. We have made it complicated. Do these following things daily and you will see a difference.

How to end your day
During the last 15 minutes of the day don’t read books, watch tv, or be on your laptop. Keep these aside.
If possible look at the sky from your window. It’s quite relaxing. If this is not possible, sit on a comfortable chair.
Then try to analyze what you learned today.
Tell yourself to leave everything aside and use these learnings tomorrow.
Detach yourself from everything.
Do a little bit of meditation and then sleep.
How to start your day
Wake up at least before dawn.
See and feel the first ray of the sun.
Feel the fresh air. It makes a difference.
Do some exercise.
Keep Learning
Become a child to learn. A child is always curious and is always learning and experimenting. Keep this child in your alive. Only then will you be able to enjoy.

Life is a super mega serial.
Sometimes none of the approaches work. If your boss is sitting right in front of you and yelling the whole day then life does not seem like a picnic or a game. Nor do you have choices. In such scenarios, a wonderful approach is to treat life like a TV serial. Name it ‘meri kahani’ (my story).

Just like in TV serials when actors play different roles they are totally aware that this is a role. Example, if someone is playing the role of a prisoner they know that in reality, they are not prisoners. They are actors. Similarly remember, ‘I am not my role, I am a soul’.

In TV serials who is awarded? Actors who make their characters real. In your TV serial, it is the opposite. Suppose you get a phone call that your son is admitted in a hospital. This has really happened. You get concerned and then worried. However, if you really consider this life as a serial you will remain stable and less affected. In this birth, you are playing the role of a father. In the previous birth, you might be playing the role of a politician. It takes time but practice being a detached actor. Roles are changing but I am the same.

This way you can give your best in any situation and not let external factors control you.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels