Maintaining Stability In All Situations

In the Holy Gita there’s a line – be stable in fame and defamation. This is the sign of a true yogi. That’s to be stable in all situations (Sthitprajana) (Chapter 2 56:58).

If you fly high when you are praised it’s highly likely that you will come crashing down when you are defamed or not praised.

That’s why Gita says anything you receive offer it to God. This means if someone praises you consider it to be God’s blessings. God got it done (Bhagwad Gita Chapter 10).

However, many times you are defamed. Take it in your stride. Check yourself what caused the defamation. Don’t let it shake you. If you find there’s an area you need to work on, make your efforts without blaming or complaining.

This is definitely not an easy task and requires consistent effort. Focus on developing the below.

Introverts: This is looking inwards. Check what’s going on inside. There’s always something happening in the outside world. We monitor it closely. However, monitor what’s happening in the inside world. Do the outside upheavals cause inner disturbance? Often the inner world is shaken very easily with what’s happening outside.

This starts with awareness. Being aware of what’s happening inside me. This requires a lot of practice. Just stop for a minute and check what’s going on inside. Is there constant chatter that you’ve not heard?

Then be a detached observer. As you start monitoring what’s happening inside you will react to your feelings. Then over time, you will be able to start monitoring these feelings without getting influenced by them. Not getting influenced is remaining detached.

Then change. Talk to yourself ‘can I do anything about it now?’ ‘It is within my control’? If yes, do something about it. If not, then focus your thoughts and energy on something within your control.

By practicing this even for a day you will find a difference. You don’t get distracted easily by what’s happening outside.

All your energy is focused within.

Economy: Be very economical with your thoughts, words, time, and energy. When you’re economical you do your best in the simplest way possible expending the least time and energy. Extroverted people will find themselves spending a lot of time, energy, and money with minimum fruitful results.

The economy helps in conservation.

Conservation helps generate strength within. This gives the power to deal with mishaps. You either dissipate or accumulate energy. If you’re focused on increasing your inner capacity and power then focus on accumulating energy.

There’s a connection between the way you think and the way you speak. If something is absolutely clear in your mind you’ll take 5 minutes to narrate it. If you take 30 minutes instead you’re not clear about it in your mind.

Simplify your thoughts and come to the essence of what’s happening and what you need to do.

Being economical with your thoughts means eliminating waste thoughts. The more the mind is cluttered the lesser the clarity and energy. The ability to just focus on the crux/essence of an issue, finding its solution, and then having the strength to be able to put that thought into reality is concentration. Scattered thoughts don’t allow you to focus on the ideas and solutions you might have. Be still. in stillness comes clarity.

Concentration: Sages and saints have helped thousands through the years. All they were doing was practicing concentration. Letting go of the distractions and futile attractions of the world and just concentrating. The power of concentration generates power in the mind. Concentration is the stage that leads you to stability.

You attain a state of stability where you are not shaken.

When you are stable people find it easy to trust you. When you are unstable people become weary of your moods. Where there’s trust there’s unity.

Whenever you maintain stability when you are praised by considering it to be God’s blessings and work on being stable when there’s defamation you will be stable always.

Photo from Pixabay