The easy way of rajyoga meditation

The Easy Way Of Rajyoga Meditation

The word ‘yoga’ is a Sanskrit word, which means to join or to connect. This connection can only be established between two entities with some similarity. When we consider ourselves as a spiritual energy, detached from the body, only then can we truly and easily connect with the Universal Source of Energy. The starting point of Rajyoga Meditation is soul-consciousness – connecting the soul with the Supreme Soul. Rajyoga meditation establishes the relationship of a parent and child between the human soul and God, the Supreme Soul, the Incorporeal Father of all human souls.

Rajyoga Vs. Traditional Methods of Worship

Instead of degrading ourselves as we used to do in the traditional methods of worship, Rajyoga meditation enhances self-respect – as is the Father, so are the children. Earlier, we were simply following the rituals without proper understanding. Our focus was always on the number of times the particular action was to be performed and, therefore, we could never truly connect with God. 

Rajyoga meditation is quite meaningful and practical. It involves remembering the Almighty Father with proper understanding of His true identity and occupation as well as the Divine Qualities and Powers that we receive on connecting with Him. When the connection is truly established, all our needs are satisfied and there is nothing left to ask for. Unlike the traditional methods where we used to cry out for help in adverse circumstances; In Rajyoga Meditation, we use God’s powers, which are always available to the children, to create pure elevated thoughts, positive self affirmation and visualisation in the present state. When we remain connected with the Supreme Soul, our state of mind does not get disturbed by the difficult circumstances arising in the journey of life. The Almighty Father gives us the power to remain stable in every situation and solve the problem easily.

Practise Meditation all the Time

There are several techniques of meditation – some are related to focusing on a particular object while others are related to focusing on the breath. But, neither of these can be done throughout the day. Rajyoga meditation involves concentration on thoughts, which is possible even while performing actions and does not require any particular place or posture. All we need is self-awareness and complete attention to the thoughts that we create. Through our thoughts, we can always remain connected to God even while carrying out all activities.

Rajyoga Meditation is Knowledge-Based

The dictum “Thoughts create destiny” illustrates that thoughts become the foundation for everything and it also highlights the importance of allowing only the seeds of right thoughts to flourish. Unlike some other systems of meditation where we forcefully put a stop to the thoughts running in the mind, Rajyoga meditation is a practical system, which teaches the mind to create right thoughts. The thoughts that we create arise from the information that we allow to enter the fertile garden of our mind. 

The Benefits

In Rajyoga meditation, we create pure elevated thoughts from the spiritual knowledge received from God – the Ocean of Knowledge. By carefully watching the thoughts, we can separate the good and bad. The good thoughts include pure, elevated, positive, right and important thoughts whereas the bad thoughts include toxic, negative, wrong and waste thoughts. Now, implementing the spiritual knowledge received from God – the Ocean of Knowledge – we can change and correct the bad kind of thoughts. The mind often wanders in waste thoughts and creates negative or wrong thoughts.

Proper understanding of the spiritual knowledge nullifies all waste thoughts. For example, the Almighty Father says that this world is a big drama stage where we are all actors and every actor is playing their part accurately. Every scene on this drama stage is accurate and beneficial. This puts an end to all the mysterious questions in the mind and resolves all complaints as well as resentments against one another. To prevent these negative thoughts from coming back, we need to pay constant attention to the thoughts that we create in order to correct them.

We also need to shower ourselves with this spiritual knowledge regularly so as to prevent the mind from wandering and to become perfect in the Art of Right Thinking. The initial rains after the summer cannot cool down the heat but when it rains for several days together, the temperatures come down. When our thoughts revolve around spiritual knowledge, the waste and unwanted thoughts are wiped out. The love with this knowledge itself is the love with the Ocean of Knowledge.

Rajyoga Meditation as Remembrance 

From the spiritual knowledge, we come to know our original identity as well as all our Divine Qualities and Powers. During the practice of Rajyoga meditation, we connect with God, the Ocean of all these Divine Qualities and Powers, to regain our original identity. When we visualise ourselves in our original identity soul – with all the Divine Qualities and Powers, we begin to experience the same. The pure elevated thoughts created during meditation, get manifested into reality when these positive self affirmations are repeated several times.

Rajyogis vs. Traditional Yogis 

The word ‘yogi’ gives us the picture of a spiritual person, who has renounced his social life and all comforts. Unlike the traditional yogis, a Rajyogi remains connected to God even while fulfilling all social responsibilities, without giving up anything. Through Karma Yoga, his connection with God is always established and he performs the action with greater efficiency.

Now, it is time to get started by visiting the nearest Brahma Kumaris’ Rajyoga Meditation Centre, which can be found in every locality. Please log on to the link given below to find your nearest centre: https://www.brahmakumaris.com/centers/  . It is either NOW or NEVER. 

Develop the Habit of Getting up early Develop the habit of getting up early and sitting in silence. Read a peaceful thought and reflect on it. Write down some ideas about this thought. Return to silence, allowing these ideas to take root inside you. Share your ideas with a person close to you. This practice will help you accept and cope with conflicts and difficult situations. It will help you stay happy and peaceful for the rest of the day.

To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center


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