Time is a great teacher

Time is a Great Teacher

Outer divisions of time into minutes, hours, days, weeks, and so forth are man-made. From the spiritual viewpoint there is no such thing as time in the way that man has come to regard it. With God a thousand years are as one day and one day is as a thousand years. Time signifies the measure of events. The events are the main thing and they should always be recognized in that way, else the measure of them assumes undue importance. Divisions of time signify degrees of unfoldment. 

What is Time?

One’s consciousness is the sum total of “time,” as we know it is spent in the body you currently inhabit. Revelation 1:8 reveals, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Isn’t it fascinating that Jesus Christ is the focal point of how we measure human existence, how the world measures time? Historical time is either BC (before Christ) or A.D (after His death). Scripture even tells us the best use of our time should be spent searching for, finding and honouring the Almighty by mirroring as best as we can. Time is the key to our existence. It is the essence of life as we know it. Unfortunately, most of us measure time in our consciousness as minutes, hours, days etc. The result of squandering time is basically a bankrupt soul.

Utilising Time in an effective way

    1. Meditation: Try to begin each day with meditation, even if it’s only for a minute. This will allow you to start your day from a place of peace, feeling more centred and grounded. Meditation has brought so many positive changes in my life, including feeling less stressed, having more patience, better sleep, a deeper connection to my inner guidance system and increased compassion for myself and others.
    2. Spiritual Reading: Reading spiritual literature has become a treasured add-on to my daily meditation. We all need little guidance to our spirits, so whenever we get time grab and read something spiritual and increase your strength and knowledge.
    3. Practice Gratitude: Bringing more gratitude into your life is a game changer. I firmly believe that the more gratitude you express, the more the Universe will provide you with reasons to be grateful for. 
    4. Be Open to Signs from The Universe: I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in the synchronicity of the universe. When things “just work out” I believe it is the universe showing us that it has our back, and is conspiring for great things to happen. Living with this outlook makes for really positive experiences to occur practically on a daily basis.
    5. Actions have consequences: The universe responds to you, sooner or later, according to the quality of your actions. Action (unenlightened) gives rise to impressions, which give rise to desire (and aversion), which cause action, a cycle involving rebirth, reincarnation.

In Rajyoga meditation, we initiate ourselves in Brahma Muhurta, early wee hours prior to sunrise. This time is designed to meditate, pray or get involved in any kind of spiritual activity and get immersed in the deep thoughts of rising and emerging into a soul full of clean, pure and wise thoughts.

Performing the whole day in the brim of knowledge being loveful, being peaceful, being blissful will not only help us to forgive our bad karmas but will also make us refined souls and help us to appreciate the time and utilise it in the appropriate direction of life. Thus, time is a Great teacher.

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