Celibacy a must for real independence

Celibacy – A Must for Real Independence

We should consider it our prime duty to recognise thoroughly that lust is not the right thing but a vice, a despicable thing, an evil or a sin, instead of whatever sensual people say in its favour.

The present age is the age of social awakening. Socialism is in the forefront of man’s thoughts. The fundamental rights of man are regarded as important but without overlooking the basic tenet that the good of the individual is subordinate to the good of society. And if, at any time, the individual’s interests run counter to those of the society, preference is given to the latter and the former must be sacrificed. From very early times this tenet has been followed. In view of the present disquieting factors in the spheres of character, morality, and spirituality and when socialism is in vogue, it is not improper to ask the individual to observe celibacy or chastity. In fact, asking them to do this is another way of their welfare for the simple reason that they will themselves lead a happy life and move society forward on the path of its welfare. If every member of the society observes celibacy, for few years called the fag-end of Confluence Age, the step would be quite appropriate, because there is goodwill behind it.

The individual making a little sacrifice for social good is proper even in normal times because the country needs the individual’s sacrifice in the form of their wealth, their mind and even themselves for the safety or progress or welfare of their country. So, when they make sacrifices, such as getting their sons recruited in the army when the country is attacked by an enemy or surrendering all their possessions and provisions for relief to flood stricken people etc., according to the gravity the situation demands, is it then proper for any sensible man to indulge in conjugal habits or even talk about them in these times of dire need of celibacy? Now, when the enemy called sex-lust has crept in surreptitiously and has, as it were, invaded man’s mind in a manner not obvious to others, disrupting severely the country’s economy as a virtual military blockade does, is it in any way decent to think of conjugality, particularly when they profess love for their country? Wouldn’t their behaviour be a form of hostility to their own motherland?

We should never let ourselves forget that every right carries with it certain responsibilities. These two are linked together like the two sides of one and the same coin. They cannot be separated from each other. To discharge our obligation to our ancestors, to our country and particularly to God, the Creator of the righteous and viceless world of Satyuga, we should consider it our prime duty to recognise thoroughly that this lust is not the right thing but a vice, a despicable thing, an evil or a sin, instead of whatever sensual people say in its favour.

No Real and Lasting Social Service without Celibacy. Now-a-days, people are engaged in one kind of work or another, which they call by the name ‘social service’. In almost all countries, individually or through associations, millions of people are engaged in providing relief to those who are affected by the prevailing (and it appears never-ending) poverty, unemployment, starvation, diseases, injustice, oppression, and dearth of basic facilities. There are many institutions and numberless social service volunteers to help the afflicted tide over their sufferings. Government servants and leaders are associated with this kind of social service because they are trying to solve the problems of the society. Besides these, there are workers in other spheres of activity, and they too are known as social workers. There is one thing to note in respect of these workers and that is, that no one can help to reform the society and to accomplish its welfare in any remarkable manner without observing celibacy.

It is but natural in Kaliyuga for anyone to have partiality or attachment to a lesser or greater extent towards others. Consequently, he does not consider people in general to be as near to him as his own children, his wife, or his near and dear ones. When we take the case of the country’s fight for freedom, we find that those leaders and social workers who followed purity did succeed in doing solid work without fear or favour. They were wedded to the cause of freedom and regarded all people, both men and women as members of their vast family made up of brothers and sisters.

Can we not, therefore, for the sake of the country’s true freedom and true sovereignty and, to remove the misery of poor, weeping children and to save the people from dacoits, observe celibacy for the coming few years? Does one think that the fight for independence is over and we have accomplished the real Self Sovereignty? Does one think that Ram Rajya has come? No. That cannot be if there are people, millions as there are today, who are screaming in agony or are addicted to corrupt ways or are still trapped in the prison of Ravana (i.e., Maya or five vices). The rule that we have now secured is still nominal, in that the people are still thirsting for peace and happiness. There is neither peace nor plenty. Even today we ask for this or that kind of aid from foreign countries. We are still trying to produce food and wealth to meet the needs of the millions who live below the poverty line. In short, true Self-Sovereignty can be attained only when, not the sex but God guides us, and we observe complete non-violence in the form of celibacy.

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